Anyone have Multipurpose Sensor Magnets not in use?

I bought 2 of the Samsung Multipurpose Sensors here in SC right before the hurricane hit. I unpacked them and intended on installing them but thought better of it at the time. Fast Forward a month and I’m finally getting around to installing them on some doors and realize I can’t find the magnets anywhere. I have both sensors and the mounting brackets but no magnets. Does anyone have some magnets they ended up not using such as in a garage door installation that they may be interested in parting with cheaply? I know I can buy generic ones on amazon but I’d prefer to have the real deal if possible.

Thanks for any and all help.

I got 1. PM me your Addy.

You can actually use any magnet to replace the missing part

Thanks I appreciate the offer, I think I’ve got a pair of them in route to me as of yesterday afternoon.