Any way to find the external IP of my Smartthings hub?


Im trying to find the external IP of my Smartthings hub, but can’t seem to find it anywhere on the development panel, im not in a position where i can get to the network my hub is on anytime soon and i need to be able to find its address. any ideas?

(Tim Slagle) #2

why would you need the external IP of the hub? You would be able to ping it or wherever you’re trying to do with your ISP external address.

(Geko) #3

Yeah, the hub does not have any listening ports, AFAIK (other than UPnP callback), so event if it had an “external” address, what good would it do?

(Sully) #4

I’m with the others on being unsure why you would need it. However, if you want your home internet’s external IP, there is a custom device type that should help. Look at this thread:

I think that will do what you’re wanting it to.


Yea! thanks, thats exactly what I’m looking for. :smile: