Any way to: Alexa find my phone with volume control?

The idea would be to send a specific notification to Tasker when Amazon Echo hears “Alexa Find my phone”, so Tasker could grab it turn up the volume and play an alarm.

What would be needed here?

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I’ll bet @joshua_lyon’s Sharp Tools is up to the task.

Using Alexa Helper or any simple Virtual Switch SmartApp, you could say “Alexa, turn on find phone.”; that would flip the virtual switch on and I think Sharp Tools can watch for that event and then trigger the Tasker ring operation.

This idea might even work without Sharp Tools if it is sufficient to send an SMS or Push Notification to the phone (via a simple SmartApp or Rule). You could have it repeat every minute or so. Can Tasker parse an incoming SMS for a special message? If so, then the SMS can trigger the continuous ring / alarm you desire.

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What a great idea!

This is actually a use case on IFTTT, and rather simple to implement:

+1 I use this, works well.

I use a mix of solutions. Since IFTTT only allows you to have one phone number setup, I use one IFTTT recipe to call a phone and another IFTTT recipe to trigger a Pushbullet + Tasker recipe for finding the other phone.

Something like:

To Terry’s point, if you don’t want to use IFTTT, you could use a virtual switch with SmartThings and use SharpTools to trigger an event in Tasker.

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Alexa can ring the phone, but the OP wanted the phone to turn up its own volume, then ring. I don’t believe the volume part is available through IFTTT.

I use wheres my droid… it can be setup to up the volume and flash the led as well when getting a call from a certain number…

it saved my bacon when I dropped my phone in a big outdoor field one time.


Nice! That would be easy to combine with IFTTT as it calls from a specific number.

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Hey, this doesn’t actually change the volume. I just lost my phone and I usually keep it on mute, so using this recipe didn’t actually help me, BUT…but…using it in conjunction with this recipe worked! Two IFTTT, same trigger…You may run in a race condition but at least you have unmuted your phone so if you ask Alexa the second time, you’ll hear your phone…

Second thought, this means that I can trigger Abode, Nest away and Arlo all at the same time with ONE command. sweet…

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I am trying to do this my my iPhone. I have successfully setup the two IFTTT’s like you described (thank you!) @SBDOBRESCU . I can get Alexa to perform it, but I can’t get the IFTTT app on my iPhone to recognize the SMS… I get the SMS “volume up” as I defined. but nothing happens… Do you think this just does not work on an iPhone?

I don’t own any iOS devices, but just by looking at their IFTTT channel, the Android has a lot more features. My recipe is using the “Android Device” channel, which has an action of changing the volume. I don’t see that available for iOS. You may be able to use the SMS and perhaps and app like Tasker to change the volume (again, not familiar with how things work in the Apple’s world).

Looks like you are right. I’ll see if I can figure out some “tasker” alternative… Kinda miss my Android… iPhones arent all they are cracked up to be.

I have Alexa send a text message to my Android which activates works well.