Any smart window blinds / shades that work with SmartThings?

Would love to be able to have my blinds automated. Anyone know of any gadgets or brands that have this and that work with SmartThings?

Me too! I have an open ceiling in my living room, with windows 2 stories up. Can’t access them from way down here.

I am working on a spark core window blind automation. I am just waiting on a servo. I used switch code that one of the members here and on spark developed and just added servo funtionality. The code is working on a micro servo, but the micro is not powerful enough for the blinds. I think I will be using the sunrise/sunset app to block the sun 3 hours before sunset but only on sunny or mostly sunny days (need to figure this out but may require ifttt). I will try to put a tutorial together as I progress.

Try This:

It is not available yet but will be in Feb, 2015. $75 for each blind automated.

Someone still have to write the code to automate with Smartthings. But it comes with an iPhone app to automate the workflow.

tiltmyblinds is bluetooth based, not z-wave or zigbee. And from “All supported devices must be capable of connecting to the internet so that you can download the free TiltMyBlinds application.”. This would indicate tiltmyblinds is not cloud based. Rather you have to have your phone or other bluetooth controller at the house at all times to control the blinds. So before writing the code, someone also needs to create some kind of z-wave bluetooth (arduino) controller so Smartthings can control it…

Of course the Smartthings hub v2 should release around the same time and support Bluetooth. But Bluetooth LE 4.0 range is actually not very good IIRC so that wouldn’t work at my house. An affordable z-wave or zigbee based tiltmyblinds product would be much more appealing.

There are some Somfy controller discussions you can search for on this forum as well. The problem with Somfy is cost if you have many blinds to automate.

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The phone is not required to be present at all times if a schedule has been setup. The device has onboard memory that stores the schedule setup using the phone app.

Well that basic programmable timer function is nifty and probably covers 80% of needs even though somewhat limited. I didn’t know that was in the design. Also reading I see it has a light sensor to auto open at sunrise and close at sunset. That covers my daily needs.

A true automation system would be nice though for energy savings. The ability to close based on a temp sensor or remotely from my office via Smartthings if it turns out to be a very hot or cold day. That type of automation and control is what I was initially looking for.

I already backed tiltmyblinds. So I do think it is already a good design. It could be better though. As it stands they probably have too many promised features to actually launch the full product in February. We’ll see soon enough.

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I’ve been thinking about getting one of these Power Curtain rods I have a double sliding glass door with dual tracks so I’m going to have to save up if I decide to go with these.

This could possibly be a cheaper solution. Motorized Drapery Rod

as promised: Automated Window Blinds - Spark Core

Somfy - read the thread here…I can confirm they work great with SmartThings.