Any Slack experts here? (Alexa push content)

Apparently there’s a new Slack bot called Silent Echo that allows you to type-talk to your Echo devices, and those devices will spew output based on what you type into it. So I’m thinking that using IFTTT or something, it would now be possible to use Slack as the ‘push’.

Anyone have any thoughts??

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@SBDOBRESCU have you seen anything on this?

Here’s additional background info on SilentEcho I recently came across for what it’s worth …

Doing a bit more investigation on this, the ‘bot’ integrates in Slack and is basically another Alexa device in your Amazon account. This was written by an individual company, not Amazon, and while they seems legit, they admit the backend database DOES have access to your information (what you have typed, probably login stuff, etc).

Push is something that Amazon doesn’t allow except in very certain aspects…While skills like Ask Alexa work with this bot, at the end of the day this is no different than the simulator available on the Amazon developer site. The CAN push to Sonos speakers (with specialized skills), but you will never be able to have direct output from Alexa until Amazon turns on the push functionality, and then it will require the developers to modify their skills and the best we can expect is a yellow ring to illuminate on your device, and you will still have to speak to it to get the message.

Hope that helps.

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I agree with @MichaelS on this, it’s no different than anything that already exist. It does make for a good “team” troubleshoot and testing platform, but you still can’t wake up the Alexa device.

I gave it a try last night and the first thing I noticed was that it is very slow. But, if you’re just testing I guess that would be acceptable.

We have had a community member create the ability to send actual texts to Alexa, and another member has integrated a Facebook bot to do the same things.

All in all, this is nothing new.

Except that it is accessible from a different platform. If that platform can get its inputs from say IFTTT or Tasker, rather than from direct typing in the Alexa simulator, then it could possibly do the job.

EDIT: I read it more thoroughly… hopes are dashed lol