Any reason to move to homeseer?


I am moving into a new house, which is over double the size what we are currently in. I plan to have about 90 homeseer switches, a bunch of hue smart bulbs, a bunch of contact and motion sensors, alarm system, about four smart locks, myq garage doors, smart thermostats, smart irrigation, harmony, sonos, alexa, and google home. Currently the smarthings app is a little unstable with the devices I have in my house now, I am sure it will be even worst with a good amount more. But between core and actiontiles I can really get everything I want done with no issue.

I started looking at the homeseer hubs, and the software there seems to be able to do everything, and might get less clogged up with all the devices. But it seems like I need to buy a plugin for almost everything. Myq, locks, harmony, etc…

Outside of smarthings being dependent on the cloud, and slow app performance with many devices, I am not seeing any more benefits from homeseer. That being said, I want to get the initial setup right I don’t want to set up and tweak all these devices then decide I should probably be on homeseer for stability.

Have any of you guys done the switch? Any tips or info you can provide?


Every system has pros and cons and different things work for different people. :sunglasses:

SmartThings has much better zigbee integration than homeseer, for example, so if you like zigbee sensors homeseer may not be the best choice. And of course homeseer requires strong technical skills. But it does run a lot more stuff locally than smartthings does, and as you mentioned, that’s an advantage for stability.

I think low-cost home automation is definitely in the “grass is always greener” evolutionary phase, where no matter what system you get you will feel some regret that you didn’t get a different one. :wink: But again, different pluses and minuses with each, so you just need to research and see which one fits your needs best.


It seems like there is no zwave alternative to the multipurpose sensor. That is one I will miss, seems to be the smallest sensor that has both contact and vibration.

I ordered a homeseer controller to test out now before the move, they seem to have a good return policy.

(Chuck Pearce) #4

As someone who spent years with Homeseer (V1 and V2), this system was never “wife approved”. Smartthings so far is the only system that allows the custom programming I enjoyed with Homeseer and the “Just Works” functionality that my wife and family need. Hopefully v3 of Homeseer has remedied their clunky interfaces.

(DavidK) #5

Other than reliability, which I think is the original poster’s reason for trying homeseer, are there any other features/reasons someone might look into homeseer?

If my smartthings environment is stable, do I get anything by moving to homeseer?

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #6

. and therein is a key decision… you need to be happy that cloud control is acceptable for your home automation.

(DavidK) #7

I have many devices and automations setup to run local.

Local devices and automations are not dependent on cloud.


I have been testing homeseer today, and I am not liking it. I thought setup would be a breeze since it is all done on the desktop, but it has been a pain. The plugins barely work, the event structure in my opinion is cumbersome, core is much better in that regard. My biggest gripe right now seems to be with some of these plugins like harmony. They are unstable and a pain to get to work.

Homeseer actions do seem to be much faster though, there is no delay in locking or unlocking the front door, no delay in turning on/off a switch. I really want to like it, but so far I just can’t. I will give it a few more days to make sure.