Any 3-way switches that are not as deep as the GE?

I have a few GE switches being used in my cottage but they all are very deep and it is a challenge to install them sometimes. Are there any paddle switches (with optional 3 way add ons) that are less deep than the GE’s

Unfortunately, most of my light switches are 3 ways so that functionality will need to be supported.

Have you thought about getting an electrical box extender ? It would be an easy fix to solve your problem. It would make your switches stand out ‘proud’ a little from the walls but its quick and easy .

Something like this

Detailed discussion in the following thread ( this is a clickable link):

I’ve thought about the box extender but I don’t like how it looks on the wall and I’m 100% sure my wife would veto it

I thought about the Leviton but it sounds like there are issues with the 3way. It sounds like the only fully supported 3way the the GE