Another set of "After Iris" Questions

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The dual logo ADT/smartthings Contact and motion sensors will only work with the ADT/Smartthings model hub. They use a different radio frequency which is only available with that model. So there’s no point in buying them for any other model hub, they will not be able to communicate with it.

Also, most devices can only work with one hub. That includes the ADT /SmartThings dual logo devices, and Z wave and zigbee devices. There are some Wi-Fi and LAN devices, including the Phillips hue bridge, which can be integrated with more than one hub at the same time. But those are the exception.

An earlier model Samsung TV is just like any other brand as far as integration goes. If you get the Logitech Harmony hub, you will be able to integrate that with SmartThings, so you can do things like turn the TV on and change the channel. But volume control and fast forward is not well-integrated. It can be done, but it’s pretty clunky.

There’s another unofficial integration method that uses an extra device as a server which does let you get access to the individual keypresses, but it’s very technical and non programmers have a hard time setting it up.

[RELEASE] KuKuHarmony - DTH and SmartApp that support to control devices in Logitech Harmony(using Harmony-API)

So it really comes down to the details of what you want to do and how much effort you want to put into that particular integration.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for an echo integration with the TV, the native Logitech Harmony/Echo integration is very good without having smartthings in the picture at all. So if you get the Harmony hub you could definitely have smartthings turn the TV on to a specific channel when you get home, or turn it off at a particular time of day or whatever, and use Echo for voice control of more granular tasks.

You will find some old pre-2018 threads in the forum about other integration methods for Samsung TVs, but they mostly don’t work anymore.