Annoyed with Smart Things Support's lack of interest that polling doesn't work

No I think you nailed it. That is pretty much my experience over the last two years.

I don’t get your point. The discussion is that devices that don’t report and need to be polled don’t work because ST has had broken polling since it’s inception. Pointing out that some devices report doesn’t really address the fact that some don’t. I have provided the example of the ZXT-120 which I rely on in my home for Split System temperature control but it needs to be polled for temperature readings to work. ST falls short with this device. I also have written device code for WIFI devices I have in my home which need to reach out via http get requests, they need polling. Polling should be a feature of the hub! It’s is ridiculous to have polling driven from the cloud. If ST did a better job of making the V2 run locally as they promised this and many other issues would not exist.

I don’t know if it’s the worst, that might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely flawed. It could just be the stack or ST’s implementation. I do know that on any given day there is 2-3 instances of “Z-Wave module not responding” in my hubs event log, often for no apparent reason.

Yesterday had a GE wall switch disappear completely, nothing in the even log, no record of the device. Something is flawed here for sure.