Announcing HousePanel Control Panel [Alpha]

If I upgrade will I have to reconfigure all the special changes we made so it works on the Tesla?

I’m considering installing House Panel. I love the look. Before I do this, does this have a Kiosk type use. I want to be able to set everything up so as to let my family use the tablet without not being able to change settings and things like that. Basically, I want them to be able to turn lights/fans/etc on and off, but nothing more than that.

You will need to merge them in. If you send me your modified files I will include them as a special TESLA config option. Also your CSS changes will need to be brought into the new CSS file manually.

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Yes - this is how I use it in my house. You just have to pick your favorite kiosk browser to use. I use Fully Kiosk which works well with HP. You have to configure it to access all files on your server and it will work fine.

I went back and looked at what we did and most of it was the manual authentication info in the clieninfo.php file. Those options are still there so you should be good to upgrade. But don’t forget to save your CSS customizations. Note also that now custom icons can be installed using the thing name instead of the hidden ID numbers, so you might want to convert over to that approach. Finally the modes now work as intended - previously they were info only. Now they change mode when clicked.

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I will send these over. I didn’t really make that many changes to the CSS file. Only made one change for the garage icon

Hi good people!

The long awaited documentation for HousePanel is now available in early draft form. I will continue working on this but I think there is enough here worthy of sharing that I’m publishing it now for my few early followers to use and contribute to. You can find it in the hpanel-server GitHub Wiki page here:

Feedback and contributions are welcome. I haven’t pasted graphics into the Wiki yet but will do so soon.

My GitHub was flagged today for reasons unknown to me. Please hang tight while I work with GitHub to get this resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

GitHub flag cleared. All okay now. Feel free to check out the doc and latest updates.


Hi Everyone - I am pleased to announce that HousePanel will be merging with the Open-Dash ecosystem, conceived by @pstuart

The name will remain HousePanel, but it will now be marketed on the website and the source moved over to the open-dash GitHub repository. The Open-Dash website is presently void of any mention of HousePanel but that will change soon enough as things get rolling over the next few weeks. Their current HousePanel repository will remain for legacy support but all new code will only be provided on Open-Dash after the migration.

This will likely be my last proactive post on this thread as I will start a new thread that ties HousePanel together with open-dash, and I will move HousePanel officially out of Alpha phase into Beta phase.

There is still much to do so stay tuned and be on the lookout for a new thread announcing HousePanel Beta - the open-dash standard dashboard.

Thanks to all for your support and interest.


Are there install instructions anywhere?

I just finished the next draft but haven’t uploaded it yet. For now most of the instructions are in the wiki in my personal GitHub. Go to:

I will put this on a separate open-dash page soon with more graphics.

I uploaded the latest mods to the installation and documentation for HousePanel. This includes detailed instructions about how to customize HousePanel. The source for the wiki is in the open-dash repo in the /docs folder. It is rendered on the Wiki page in the same repo.

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HousePanel 1.0 Beta released with installation and operation directions here:

Did you ever get it going?

Ken, I haven’t had time to look at it again. Apologies… Life a wee bit on the hectic side at the moment, but should have some more time approx. Dec 26 - Jan 30.


In case anyone is still monitoring this thread or using the old hpanel-server repo, please switch over to the open-dash/HousePanel repo here:

I did update the hpanel-server repo to match but I don’t guarantee this will continue

Would upgrading break the Tesla functionality?

No - I don’t think so. But if I you like what you have no need to update. There isn’t anything amazingly new here for those with existing configuration that they like. The biggest new thing is an editor for easier customization by I personally don’t use it as I prefer direct CSS mods.

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Just seeing this now. Good stuff. It looks great.

I too am using Open Dash for my own Home HMI application.

In my case I wanted a complete custom solution tailored to my house and to allow me to build all the logic out of.

See my post thread here:
Raspberry Pi/Codesys Home HMI