Anyone using Simple Control?

(Joe) #1

Hi all,

I am not a graphic designer, nor do I understand CSS. I am trying to find a simple user interface to control my lights and see the status of my devices. I also want the interface to run locally so Action Tiles is out. I have used iRule, but recently it’s been announced that new development on the software is no longer happening. This has me concerned that the software may be discontinued so I purchased simple control. Unfortunately they don’t have a way to display all of my device states. So I thought I may be able to develop something to reflect the device states as a feedback from SmartThings.

Is anyone using Simple Control or do you have other locally running services that has an easy to use configuration interface?

(Dan) #2

@kewashi Ken Washington is developing a new UI that runs on your own local raspberry pi.

Take a look…

(HousePanel Author) #3

Yes my app will do exactly wat you are describing. Stay tuned - coming very soon.

(Robin) #4

No interface can run totally local… it all has to go to the ST cloud and back again before any interface can display the data, including the official ST app.

So the interface itself can run locally, but the data it sends / receives won’t.

Local is over-rated anyway, they’ve done away with it altogether on the new Connect Hub.

(Joe) #5

While I understand no interface can run totally local, my configuration has many hue bulbs which I can adjust via the hue API. The response time is significantly faster. I don’t need all of the devices to run locally, just my bulbs. The cloud response time does not pass WAF.