Anyone using Simple Control?

Hi all,

I am not a graphic designer, nor do I understand CSS. I am trying to find a simple user interface to control my lights and see the status of my devices. I also want the interface to run locally so Action Tiles is out. I have used iRule, but recently it’s been announced that new development on the software is no longer happening. This has me concerned that the software may be discontinued so I purchased simple control. Unfortunately they don’t have a way to display all of my device states. So I thought I may be able to develop something to reflect the device states as a feedback from SmartThings.

Is anyone using Simple Control or do you have other locally running services that has an easy to use configuration interface?

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@kewashi Ken Washington is developing a new UI that runs on your own local raspberry pi.

Take a look…


Yes my app will do exactly wat you are describing. Stay tuned - coming very soon.

While I understand no interface can run totally local, my configuration has many hue bulbs which I can adjust via the hue API. The response time is significantly faster. I don’t need all of the devices to run locally, just my bulbs. The cloud response time does not pass WAF.