Announcement - SmartThings EXTRAS Marketplace [Third Party Site]

Introducing The Online Marketplace For SmartThings Extensions

We are excited to announce the official launch of our brand new website, the online marketplace for SmartThings extensions. is designed exclusively for SmartThings users and developers, providing a one-stop shop for discovering, exploring, and acquiring the best free and premium extensions for the Samsung SmartThings platform.

The extensions on the marketplace will enable users to DO MORE with their SmartThings smart home, taking it to the next level. E.g. delivering:

• Smarter Lighting
• Stronger Security
• Greater Efficiency
• Improved Services
• More Comfort & Convenience

Here is what you can expect from SmartThings EXTRAS:

Complements the Community Website: complements the SmartThings Community website by providing a dedicated website for SmartThings developers to publish their extensions, and for SmartThings users to easily find and use them. contains links to the community website and GitHub for detailed information on the extensions.

Extensive Selection: Browse through an extensive collection of top-notch SmartThings extensions to meet the diverse needs and preferences of the community.

Easy Navigation: The user-friendly, store-like interface ensures seamless navigation throughout the website. Discover new extensions, read detailed descriptions and add the ones you wish to use to your shopping cart. Finding the perfect extension for your SmartThings project has never been easier.

Free to Use: The marketplace is free for developers to publish their extensions, and free for users to browse them.

Phased Approach: The initial phase of the marketplace will focus on bringing you the best SmartThings Edge Drivers. In later phases we will extend the scope of the marketplace to include automations and tools.

Community Involvement: Community involvement is critical to the success of the marketplace. So developers please send us details of your edge drivers.

SmartThings users, if you are using an edge driver you would recommend to the community, please let us know via the website.

Regular Updates: Our team is committed to continuously expanding the library of extensions and to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the SmartThings ecosystem.

Welcome to the future of SmartThings extensions.

Visit our website at and embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of your SmartThings Smart Home!


Looks like an excellent idea. I wish you luck with it!

One point: the website as it exists at the time of this posting would probably not be legal in California or the EU, as you are not providing cookie opt outs in the form required by those laws. Just something to be aware of.


Hi there JD, thanks for the heads up.

This is building on your great work on the quick Browse lists.
The goal is for SmartThings EXTRAS to become a marketplace for the community. A place where users and developers can share extensions. Initially focused on edge drivers, but with the potential to include other types of extensions in the future, such as automations and tools.

Many Thanks Tim


Yes, I like the idea of what you’re doing very much, and it’s a very significant improvement over the quick browse lists. So I definitely hope you succeed. :sunglasses:

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Looks very nice, @Tim99. Should make it easier for many folks to find a suitable driver or automation tool.

Thanks for the support.

For it to succeed it needs support from the SmartThings community. So feel free to contact us with your favourite edge drivers and any suggestions for improvements.

Many Thanks Tim

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is this a SmartThings or third-party site?


3rd Party from the look of it. Nicely done, too!

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yep but just wanted to clarify it for users who might view this thread as some sort of official shop for ST since it was not clear. When “We” is used at the beginning but who is “We”? Shoptify does give it away though


Agreed. And Shopify leaves the door open to charge a fee–which is both troubling & understandable! I recall some former members of the community who charged for their work–which they have a right to do–and subsequently left their customers in the lurch when the transition to Edge occurred. (Some simply took their toys and stomped off. It is a real, serious commitment to users when one charges for services.)

Caveat Emptor!


FINALLY! I suggested this in 2022!


Great Minds :smiley:

SmartThings EXTRAS is aimed at community built extensions.
I guess the SmartThings App is the gold library of Samsung certified edge drivers.

Many Thanks Tim

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People have been asking me if I recommend this site.

I think it’s a great idea, and I wish them luck with it

If they ever change their cookie policy to offer a standard proactive optout as soon as the site is displayed, I will be happy to recommend it.

the consent requirements in the GDPR; consent must be as easy to revoke as it is to give



Since it appears to be built on the Shopify platform, it probably needs to be a Shopify option. Perhaps they are regional and it is automatic in the countries that require it?

Agreed: the standard option would be useful anywhere, not just where it is required by law!

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Shopify offers it as part of their themes. It’s just a line or two of code you have to add.

And here’s the help page with a few more details:

One Shopify example:


Tagging @Tim99

Seems like an easy win!

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I’d be interested in figuring out how to license drivers through this site. Some of these are a TON of work, and to this point that has been free :slight_smile:

If Samsung, or you, were to have a store, I would expect some bigger developers to show up. Otherwise, I would expect hobby-grade performance and reliability


Hi @blueyetisoftware, email as we can discuss further.