Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform

Will the Events and Utiities pages currently available on the legacy “graph” sites be migrating to at some point?

I only use the legacy “graph” site to access the utilities and events pages.

Just to have a reference, which menus do you use in each one of them?

For the Utiities, the zigbee utilities and Hub Commands.
Hub commands are the ones I reference the most if I’m seeing odd issues with the hub after looking at the events page.


I mostly use the reboot command on the utilities page

Almost every one of them, from the hub utilities, (zwave repairs, zwave exclusion), the hub logs/events (most importantly), the My Devices page (details, changing the DTH’s, status, ID’s etc), ability to create new devices manually, Location pages to see what’s installed where (apps and devices). It’s very very functional overall.


These options are currently available in the ST app. For others’ reference, in the Hub’s detail view, there’s a menu option called “Z-Wave Utilities”

I’m guessing you mean changing Driver, correct? This is also possible from the app. In the case of Z-Wave and Zigbee, the other driver must have the device’s fingerprints to appear in the list.
About the device’s details, and status, you can use the CLI and it will show you the data in a table unless you define -j or -y as the output format:

//See its details
smartthings devices device-id

//See the capabilities status:
smartthings devices:status device-id

//See the device's health status (online/offline):
smartthings devices:health device-id

Do you mean without having the physical device (Zigbee and Z-Wave)? With LAN drivers, you can create virtual devices of any kind, there are Community members that have developed drivers that help you to do so:

In the app, you can also see this information, but the devices are separated by rooms and the apps are in the “Automations” or “Life” tabs depending on their type. In the last one, there are ST Energy, ST Home Monitor, and others.
I’m guessing you mean an overall view of everything in one place, right?

As a note on the differing behavior of the various hubs, the Connect Home does not present an independent tile for the Smartthings hub. The top level presented as a tile is the WIFI router portion. The “hub” is an option off the first page you get when selecting the WIFI hub tile. Selecting the smartthings hub gets you a partially populated hub status page that says “Connected”. From the three dot menu there the only menu options are edit, driver, and information. There is no access to any utilities.

It’s missing the device network id (DNI) for Z-Wave and ZigBee devices (is there in the IDE).

Also it would be nice to have a web page display all this info like the IDE rather than just a CLI.


I also don’t see any way to get the hub IP address from the CLI

On the topic of improvements it would also be nice to see the CLI logging timestamps shown in local time rather than GMT, it’s practically impossible to debug something in a different timezone.


There should be a way to force assign a driver like a DTH. Drivers are don’t contain nearly all the fingerprints for devices. There’s no way to the community for add drivers the repo, the current certification process forces OEM’s to go through an expensive testing process and there’s no self certification mechanism (CST) as there was with DTH’s. This basically means that more devices will not be compatible with SmartThings than ever before because even through the basic drivers can work with many devices our there, because of the lack of fingerprints, users are going to lose out if they can’t force assign a driver to a device like in the case of a DTH.


Also, multiple options available for some devices simply will not be available if an official Smartthings edge driver gets grabed by the device at the onboarding process

Basic users will be totally confused why devices are not working or not showing info that they expect

A list of un official (CST) drivers should be available in the ST app to help everyone

At the moment, users are still expected to find this website, find a driver that might have a fingerprint of there device and jump through the process of getting it to work… edge may have given us local useage (mostly) but the user experience is still … complex


I’m currently having issues with an Aeotec Nano Shutter I’m trying to add to my ST hub. It’s adding it with an Edge Driver and then is completely unresponsive to any commands.

I have a previously installed nano shutter that works just fine with a DTH. Definitely frustrating.

As far as I can see, there’s no way to change a new device to use an existing working DTH for now while issues with the Edge driver are resolved?

Was that a custom DTH, or one provided by ST?

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The standard Z-Wave Window Shade DTH provided by ST

OK, that’s why. Both the DTH and Edge driver are ST’s, so they’ll force Edge before giving you a legacy DTH.

What you can do is find ST’s groovy code for the DTH on Github and make a copy for yourself in the IDE. What should happen when you add that device again should be that ST checks for any custom handlers you may have first (it uses the device’s fingerprint to match on), and then if it’s not found it will use ST’s drivers (Edge or groovy depending on the device).


Good to know mate!


@johnconstantelo I’ve just attempted creating a custom DTH with the ST groovy code, then removed and re-added the aeotec nano shutter. It unfortunately did not behave as you suggested and has added it as an edge driver again.

@Adrenalin , check the code and remove the comments from these two lines of code:

// fingerprint mfr:026E, prod:4353, model:5A31, deviceJoinName: Window Blinds
// fingerprint mfr:026E, prod:5253, model:5A31, deviceJoinName: Roller Shade

I suspect ST added the “//” to their code, which forces the Edge driver.

Ah yep, makes sense. Will try that now.

WAIT! That was the wrong DTH. You want this one:

I did a search in their repo for “Aeotec Nano Shutter” and that one came up.

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