Android vs iOS for Home Automation

Most people probably decide on using an Android phone or an iPhone for reasons other than home automation. To me, and probably to others on this forum, use of their mobile phone for home automation apps, e.g. Smartthings and others may be an important factor in deciding which mobile platform (Android vs iOS) to choose. I have always been an Android phone user and am now eligible for a phone upgrade - so I can stick with Android or switch to iPhone. I probably will end up picking a Samsung Android phone but I’m curious to know which platform is more common among the posters in this forum.

Do you prefer/use Andoid or iPhone and what are your reasons for your preference. I’m just trying to get a feel for what other posters are using since we are all interested in home automation.

Thanks for your thoughts/comments.

I have an iPad for general admin and stuff, but use an Android phone when I want to do something quick. Both work equally well. Ne real difference in the way either of the apps work.

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If you are a heavy Google Assistant and Nest user then logically Android would be a better choice. However other than that if you go the iOS route you would be able to use pretty much all systems including Google/Nest with the important additional benefit of getting support for Apple’s HomeKit.

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Many people have each, some people have both. :sunglasses:

If you use android, you will be able to use the SharpTools app, you will get more features from some third party integrations like Flic, and of course you will be able to use Bixby if you have some Samsung phones. The additional features are because Android allows a third party app to take more control of a second app without the user getting a notification of the takeover. The flic list of functions gives good examples of these. Many functions work with both. Obvious ones like Apple TV only with iOS and Android tv only with Android are, well, obvious. But some might not be, like scheduling a fake call only with Android.

If you use ios, as @jelockwood mentioned, you get to also use HomeKit, an entire home automation platform in itself, and one that runs locally (no internet required except for voice control). Also, IBeacons will work much better with iOS, giving you more microlocation options. (It used to be that NFC tags worked much better with Android, but that was changed with iOS 13.)

So different things will work for different people. :sunglasses: I don’t know of anyone who chooses a phone based on home automation features, though, unless they want HomeKit.

As you mentioned, my phone OS choice was made long before any thoughts of smart home automation (I think X10 or Crestron was your choice at the time). I am on Android as I prefer the wider range of customization available; my wife may have preferred that I set the family on the iOS course though… :upside_down_face:

Now that I’m adding smart home functionality to the house and phones, I’m happy with being in the Android camp. There’s more ability to customize & integrate than I can currently grok, but I’ll get there over time.