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Android as a Speech/Alarm Device released! And Updated!

Ah yes thank you I knew I had missed something new device forgot about that thanks for you help

There is somthing strange happening with my LANnouncer.

When I have it OPEN it speak, but when I open another app (KIOSK BROWSER) and use ActionTiles, it STOP to speak or make sound.

any ideas ? cant my tablet multitask? its a Huawei.

It should be able to run in the background. I’m guessing that Kiosk Browser may lock down the device preventing LANnouncer from running in the background. Maybe there is a preference setting that can be changed. A quick test to see if this is true, try running ActionTiles in Chrome.

I manage to make it speak again (also with another app open) .

I did some testing, and found out that I can run “test” tone alarm\tone etc…
But when I try to “take picture” the app stop, and THEN it stop to speak, also the test tone etc does not work.
reboot and it back to normal.

No idea why the STROBE or Take picture make the app stop. ?

is there by the way any other app like the LANnouncher?

I’m trying to set up a simple chime for an unobtrusive notification when a door or window is opened. This looks like it will fit the bill.

I have installed the DTH and the SmartApp in SmartThings, and installed the LANnouncer app on my Android tablet.

I then configured a Custom Monitor (in Smart Home Monitor) that uses all of my open/close sensors (monitoring for “Sensor opens”, for 0 minutes). Then on the Alarm & Notifications configuration the only relevant choice is “Alert with SIrens”. That allows me to select my tablet, but it plays the “Alarm” sound, not the “Siren” sound, and not the “Tone” sound (the latter is what I want).

I must have missed something in the configuration. Can someone suggest where I can fix this? Should I be able to choose between the 3 sounds in SHM so that I can have some things trigger the alarm sound, while other things trigger the tone sound?

Thanks … Mike

I would use a smartapp called BigTalker (or WebC0re) to do what you need. It allows you to enter special LANnouncer commands for chime, doorbell, alarm, etc.

LANnouncer commands can be found here:

WebCore can be found here:

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I saw mention of “Big Talker” in the instructions, but glossed over it since I don’t need the tablet to talk.

Hmm, maybe I can modify either the DTH or the SmartApp (since I am using it for a single purpose).

Although BigTalker is often used for speech synthesis, you can use it to simply send a LANnouncer command such as @#ALARM=CHIME which will send a simple tone to your tablet.

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A really nice dude I met buying Osram bulbs via Craigslist told me to check this out. I’ve only got an old FirePhone and they never hit Android 5.0 which makes the OS too old for the app. Am I pretty much out of luck?

Yes, unfortunately the FirePhone run a version of Jellybean 4.2 so LANnouncer will not work with it. Fortunately, newer tablets and phones are quite inexpensive these days and will do the job.

Thanks, I may just have to craigslist a new device and try it out that way.

Hi guys, sorry if this is overly simple but I’ve never figured it out. How do I get Lannouncer to play one of the sound files? I did see on the page that you can ‘send a command’ to play the audio file. However I can’t get to that part.

Presently I use web-core to trigger the built in sound notifications.

Is this also a use of big-talker? I see it mentioned above as being used to send the commands.

Did you follow the instructions in the documentation at Where did it fail?

There is nothing wrong with the instructions, they are just incomplete. They say to send the command @#ALARM=FILE1, which is fine. But the question I have is how are people sending the command? I currently use WebCore and the only way I can send information to the device I set up is the standard requests of ‘play chime’, ‘strobe’, play alarm, etc

I originally posted this to the wrong topic, so I’m adding the link here. Any help is appreciated.

I’m not familiar with WebCore. LANNouncer predates it by quite a bit. But with BigTalker, you can send a Text-to-Speech string to the LANNouncer device. If you preface it (the @# portion), LANNouncer will know it’s a command, not text to say.

See the bottom of for an example in BigTalker. (Admittedly an older version of Big Talker.)

I got it working. Just in case someone else runs into the same issue, I had to delete the SmartApp and the DH and then reinstall them. LANnoucer is now working with both WebCoRE and Big Talker.

Yup that got it working thanks. I found taking webcore out and just using bigtalker much simpler and more reliable.

I do have to start / stop lanannouncer pretty much weekly. Is there anything I can do for that?

Just got this installed and working along with Big Talker. Was pleased to find the alarm’s “BEEP” command works with my SHM Delay smartapp, creating the CHIME sound :joy:

Is there any way to serialize or queue multiple commands (other than Smartapp command delays) so that subsequent commands execute after the completion of the prior command?

For Example
What currently occurs (for me) is Chime and “Hello” speech occur simultaneously, I want the chime to sound and complete, followed by the speech.
Also tried the following without success

Also same result for multple commands found in manual|ALARM=CHIME&SPEAK=Hello%20daddy&@DONE@

There’s no way to do that yet. I could build it in, but have been busy on other projects.