Android APP unregistered itself

(iamjezz) #1

So this morning i noticed that my app has some how unregistered and wants the code from the HUB, is there a way of getting this off the online console as i wont be home for a few days. The app hasn’t updated in over a week so no idea how this has happened.

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(Adrian Parker) #2

I’m getting the same issue as of around an hour ago :frowning:

(Chris) #3

Same here! What in the actual hell?!

I’m not at home so I don’t have my fricking hub code so the app is useless right now.

(Mathew) #4

that’s what i’ve got too.

(Philip Reid) #5

Same here, rebooted phone fixedcthis, however now I can’t access any data, sits with the screen refreshing…

(Brian) #6

Hi guys we’ve been noticing something similar in the UK for a few hours (assuming you’re from the US).

Support have been able to get the app back up and running. But some of us are still seeing authentication errors.

(Chris) #7

Working again for me now.

(Philip Reid) #8

Still down for me, based in Ireland

(iamjezz) #9

happy days, yes im back online again now.