...and totally redeem yourself!

(Wheeler) #1

So I have been sorta down on SmartThings lately. Between ST’s always referring to me as my wife’s name, triggers and notifications delayed by considerable amounts of time, bulbs not shutting off, not being able to add a new hue bulb without removing every bulb from every app and then deleting and re-adding them and rebuilding the apps, and the idea of the sonos integration being much better in my head than in reality, ST’s has recently felt like everything was unraveling and a mess.

The unexpected addition of DropCam integration has me back on board and restored my faith in ST’s. Dropcam was really the tipping point, as SmartThings has been adding tons of stuff over the last month or so, way more than expected. Kudos to the team for all the hard work- my experience with similar companies is releases/updates/additions few and far between. With SmartThings, it seems like every time I think to check up on whats new, I missed something. Major Hue and Sonos additions what was it last week, followed by DropCam- thats some series effort!

sThe reason I am so excited about dropcam (and other ip cams, I just happen to love dropcams quality and wide angle) support is it open up possibilities that were simply not possible before. Tying SmartThings “things” to dropcam allows things like absolutly knowing I will get a notification and picture when my 3 year olds room patio door is open. Just the ST’s notification adds a great sense of security, but adding burst images to that door opening let me know if he somehow has wondered out to a second floor balcony on his own. My mind is racing with other applications for this. Adding visuals to the ST’s notifications is huge.

Sorry for the rant- just amazed by the level of work going on at SmartThings and its cool to get excited about new stuff from a company multiple times in a tiny timeframe.

(Ben Edwards) #2

I am glad we have you excited again. I hope you have contacted support with the issues in your first paragraph. (did you happen to get the developer email outlining the Labs releases of the past two weeks? Those newsletters should be coming every other week to keep you updated.

(Tim Slagle) #3


I do not receive this email. Can you add me to the distribution list for that dev update email? you can use the email I have for my account here.