Amplifier / HiFi Amp?

Hi there,

Can anyone suggest a decent but not over expensive amp that I can control with smartthings - the only one I’ve seen is a Bose which is too expensive for me to replace a perfectly good amp just to get it working with Smartthings.
Or perhaps there’s another way? I’d like to be able to turn on my amp (and even my Squeezebox if possible) as part of my morning routine.

Thanks in advance.

I do this when I get home
–Fire up main audio via ST -> Harmony Ultimate Home (music activity)
–Fire up Squeeze box via custom app and device type that presents the squeeze players as virtual switches.

The Harmony integration is stock, the Squeeze stuff I wrote, which I’ll share, but won’t publish or support (beyond explaining how it works) as it was written for my specific use case.

Hi there,

Sounds very interesting!

How exactly do you fire up your main audio? Just done a quick search on the Harmony Utimate and I hadn’t considered IR.

I’d be grateful if you could explain a little about the Squeeze stuff - it would be especially handy to do all of this stuff during the winter without having to run through the house in the cold to get the radio on!


The st harmony integration creates virtual switches for each configured activity, these you can turn on via any st automation.
The squeeze setup involves sending raw tcp commands to the squeeze server which lights up the specific squeeze player. I only implemented play and off, it’s not possible to do much more than that due to software limitations on the st hub side.
Also the specific command run from the hub, while somewhat documented isn’t exactly supported, while I haven’t had any issues with it on hub v1 or hub v2 since I built it two years ago, it could presumably break at any time.


I’ve had a look at the Squeezebox side of things which I didn’t know existed. I only require to have a specific player turn on and off so that would work.

Still unsure of how I can physically interact with a dumb amplifier using the harmony? Surely there must be some sort of unsightly IR extender that I would need?

Thanks again.

Harmony is a good option since you can use it to control whatever Amp you want.

Here’s a way to give your existing amplifier Sonos functionality:

If you have a DLNA capable receiver, you should check out this thread: RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

Good luck!


So from doing a bit of research, it looks like I need the Harmony Ultimate hub only?

Am I right in saying that this will nterface with Smartthings and I can then control both my amp and Squeezebox using 2 x IR blasters? I won’t need a remote because I can either use the Logitech app on my phone or awitch them both on and off using Smarthings.

Thanks in advance.