Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera?

I have a couple of these nice cameras. They seems to work great.

I would love to be able to integrate these with ST. Is anyone working on this? I don’t have the programming skills but would love to test anything to get this camera to work.

Right now, SmartThings doesn’t give us access to do streaming unless its an approved camera, but some people have managed to take snapshots from various other camera’s. What is it you are wanting to achieve?

I would love to be able to get a picture from the camera for let’s say when my front door opens…

There are a few generic device types floating around, you don’t necessarily need to have programming skills, but you would need to find your camera’s proper video stream…

A reasonable sample of such might be to look into this thread:

Generic Camera Device Using Local Connection

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Came across this post, I have the same camera. I just posted something related/similar. I’m looking to use the alarm relays on the back of it to trigger recording. And hopefully eventually trigger events on the hub. I pay the monthly fee for the camera, so I’m not trying to support streaming or pictures or whatever.

The camera does support an SMTP server, so you could have the picture emailed to you? I know, it’s not using the ST app.

You can use that camera with my LANnouncer Android app that works with SmartThings. Their hubAction is unreliable, so it doesn’t always get the images into the SmartThings app itself, but SmartThings can trigger photos on the camera, retrieved via an Android device and stored on the Android device and optionally uploaded to a Dropbox account.

I know it sounds a bit strange, but Dropbox is much easier to browse photos than SmartThings anyhow.


Please share how to go about this

Just returned the Samsung and got the 1080 Amcrest PTZ and I like it alot better. It’s alot more configurable but obviously no direct integration. It was half the price on sale and works reliably. I can’t figure out the URL to get it to work in smart tiles. Keep trying different paths. Not as much documentation as there is for foscam but they are partners. If you play and figure out more please post amcrest results or maybe we start a dedicated thread for amcrest brand cameras?

This would certainly be the way to go.

Played with it for a second. Didn’t realize how many pieces it is…too much fiddling for me lol.

I just got my Amcrest 1080 PTZ this weekend and I love it too.

Got the smarttile sorta working.

The “subtype=1” is so that it looks at the substream. The primary stream would be “subtype=0” or just leave that argument out. I’ve got the substream running MJPEG, lower res, low and CBR to work better remotely even on meh connections. But then the primary stream is H.264H, fullHD, and a high VBR for local recording.

For some reason it doesn’t quite seem to work in the smarttile unless I’ve recently ‘logged in’ to the camera with that same username and password. My strange but effective work around is to have a smarttile web link with the exact same URL, and I just tap that whenever the camera tile stops working.

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I got so excited seeing your post…I tried to use your url above but no luck. are you using a period between the uname.pwd? Maybe I have the IP address incorrect but I feel like I got it all right, so frustrating! Also to add to your comment about logging into the camera…I notice I have to hit the play button often, its not always loaded when I open the foscam app. It does start quickly but Id assume it has something to do with that. I do like it a lot though, I had a Samsung that was twice the price and the foscam is a lot better.

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my bad! It was a : between username and password not a period. Fixed my earlier reply.

I got a good explanation on the smarttiles camera support thread about the credentials. SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility

I noticed you mention the foscam app, thought I might recommend Tinycam if you’re on android. I much prefer it to all the others I’ve tried.

No dice…ugh. I’ll try it at home.

Also I’ll try tinycam for fun.

DEFINITELY use TinyCam, it’s worth every penny. I’ve cancelled my membership with Amcrest and only use tinycam now. I have the cameras setup with port forwarding on my router so it works everywhere.

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If you have a “spare” computer that can be run 24/7 you might download the Amcrest Surveillance Pro client program for Windows/Mac and basically have your own DVR for all you camera’s. I ended up buying the Amcrest NVR but you can get the same capability by running the client software on a PC. It has amazingly features that far exceed anything you can do on SmartThings. My only regret so far is that I actually purchased the Samsung SmartCam that is compatible with SmartThings and it turns out is not compatible with standard protocols used in CCTV.

This works real well with all the high end features of your Amcrest ProHD (I personally have a couple of that exact model you have) Go to Amcrest Desktop Applications then clik on Amcrest Surveillance Pro menu item

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@JvH @chadbaldwin @dalec @elite

I am not sure if any of you are still searching for a way to get ST to recognize an Amcrest, but I just added Live Video streaming to my DTH. I am still playing with the code and I am going to create a Parent/Child SmartApp for it next, but it is somewhat functional. Give it a shot if you are still searching:


which NVR did you get, does it have api for communicating motion sense to ST? thx