Amcrest Doorbell

Does anyone have any experience with the Amcrest Video Doorbell?

I’m curious to see if anyone has one and if there has been any development in integrating with ST.

No experience; but I have been thinking about getting one. I’m am fed up with the very slow performance of my Ring Pro.

Same here. All I have been able to find about it thus far is that it does work w/ Blue Iris for audio/video like any other Amcrest camera.

Anyone have experience?

The most important thing for me with any doorbell camera is:

  1. Integration with Blue Iris
  2. No “subscription” fees
  3. Quick response on notifications

From what I’ve been able to find out, the Amcrest doorbell fits these criteria.

I’m not sure how integration with Smartthings would be of benefit.

Disclosure: I do not currently own this camera, but am building a new house and am strongly considering this for the front door.

I, too, would appreciate hearing from anyone with first hand knowledge of this doorbell cam.

Hello, i just replaced my ring bell with the Amcrest doorbell. I will say the mounting was not as smooth as my ring (for some reasons of my own issues) and the setup was awkward : I have 1 other amcrest camera and assumed that the iphone app that i used to setup that device was what i would use. Nope. Another amcrest app needed to get this one on line. In the end not a big deal. So both of those “issues” may be self inflicted.

I have it setup on my blue iris server as well and am working on the recording/alerting. I am needing to order a plate for this to get the angel adjusted a little to the right so i can see more of my yard and not the wall adjacent to the camera. But thus far it seems to perform ok.

My desire for ST integration is for the doorbell ringing. With my ring, I had a webcore piston that ran if the bell/button was pressed. That triggered some lights in our basement to flash, as well as some other things. I think I can get this to work in a different manner if I use the BI integration to Smarthings, but I will need to test that. ( I had stopped using BI and the integration so removed all of that but now realize this is the best thing since sliced bread).

Visually the camera picks up better at night and day versus the ring. The ring has the fish eye look and the Amcrest is what appears to be a landscape camera view, so I like it.

I also plan to add this camera to my Action Tiles setup so that camera can be viewed like the others. Ring would not easily allow that.

Any way, thought I would chime in (sorry for the bad pun) in case it helps.


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Is there any way to get this camera integrated to ST so i can run routines when the button is pressed? I am using Blue Iris and can do that integration to ST (if that is still supported). But i think that gives me back and forth options on setting away/home modes, triggers and events, etc. but nothing based on the button, that i recall. I used that integration a few years back and then stopped as i stopped using those cameras, so not sure what it give me. maybe i answered my own question?

Right now i have Ring and it is in ST. When someone presses the button i hear my doorbell but also flash lights in some rooms. Simple yet i cannot lose this if/when i replace this with the Amcrest doorbells.

Any Advice?


Hi, I have also installed this doorbell into BI and would be interested in any integration that can detect the doorbell being pressed so I can run routines.