Amazon SmartThings Compatible Devices Store

Instead of reviving the old thread with dead links, Amazon changed the SmartThings compatible store. It now links out to other Amazon pages of products that are compatible instead of listing all in one page.

Interesting, but a strange selection.

They featured dropcam cameras, but those are not compatible with smart things, while they don’t mention Arlo, which are – – and are an Amazon best seller.

They list schlage, but not Yale or Kwikset.

And they have GE, but not Leviton.

Odd, it’s hard to tell what drove the selection.

Here’s the list of officially certified “works with smartthings” devices.

And here’s the list of officially certified “works with SmartThings and Alexa” devices.

But the list on Amazon feature page doesn’t match either. I wonder if those device manufacturers paid to be included. But in that case why dropcam?


That page includes a lot of incorrect information. As @JDRoberts said, always refer to our official compatibility page:

I’ll reach out to someone who may be able to fix it. Hopefully we can update it easily!