Amazon goes on the road to teach people about Smart Home

If anyone wondered how serious Amazon is taking the Smart Home industry…Well this much


This to me is the most interesting part:

Our experts are Amazon employees, not contractors. They have been handpicked for their technology experience, passion for customer service, and strong track record. Our experts are like your technology-savvy best friend. They listen to your needs and customize solutions that work for you.

Unlike the home theater installation or electrical installation you can typically order through Amazon home services, these aren’t local pros who are going to try to upsell their own businesses. This is just Amazon basically trying to push product with very high customer satisfaction. Very interesting.

That tells me Amazon thinks there are enough market ready plug-and-play products to compete with the cable company “home automation as a service” business model. Or at least they’re willing to test the waters to find out. :sunglasses:

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