Amazon Fire TV - device handler with hubaction if I have multiple Fire TV units on the account?


I am trying to create a device handler for managing Amazon Fire TV stick/dongle.
The backend is installed on a PI3 and it works fine for controlling the Fire TV and getting state from it.
I used the Python code from author happyleavesaoc:

Now I am trying to send LAN commands to the PI3 server.
In fact it works if I do it with a device directly addressing PI3 server.
However I have multiple Fire TVs and I want to be able to control each of them with separate ST devices.

There is no way of doing an httpGet to the LAN device (PI3), right ?

I have to use physicalgraph.device.HubAction command and its result can ONLY be parsed per device on the “parse” function ?

if that’s the case, how can I address 2 different FireTVs with 2 devices on ST ?
what is the best practice ?


You could setup a master device that handles the parse and have it create and send events to child devices for each fire TV