Amazon Echo integrated Ecobee

For me, after adding the ecobee-Alexa integration, it gave me the same problems when saying turn off living room light (typically command not available for this device). One of my thermostats is named living room and it doesn’t do well with distinguishing between the two. Renaming the light did help.

Goodnight is used for other things as well. Earlier in this thread the suggestion was made to try renaming your switch to “Night Mode” to trigger Good Night! routine and that works great for me. Same thing for in the morning I used “Morning Mode” to trigger the routine Good Morning! You didn’t say exactly what you wanted Alexa to control in the ecobee but I think you may need to use @yvesracine advanced device code for the ecobee to expose the attributes you desire to control via Alexa Helper. His device type is for a small fee but right now it is tops for accessing the most from your ecobee.

Thanks, I’m not using an Ecobee thermostat though… I just find it really irritating that Amazon has a list of secured words that we can’t use. And when they change a word to secure, they don’t tell us. They just do it and our system no longer works.