Amazon Echo+GE Link Bulbs+Smart Things?

Very interesting. I did change my channel at home b cause my hues weren’t responding to the hue app. I wonder if by default ST and Hue use the same zigbee channel.

Smartthings can be assigned any of several zigbee home automation channels, but this assignment, at least for V1, was made at the factory, and could not be changed afterwards. You could see what channel you have been assigned in the IDE. But again you could not change it.

I think, although I’m not 100% sure, that the Phillips hue bridge ships using the ZLL channel 11. (ZLL uses a subset of the channels used by ZHA. ) The big difference is that you can change the Phillips hue bridge channel at any time to one of the other the ZLL channels through their app. This is most commonly done to reduce interference with local Wi-Fi. A lot of people will choose channel 20 or 25, because these have the least overlap with unboosted Wi-Fi. ( Channel 20 however, can run into trouble with boosted Wi-Fi.)

The end result is that you may be able to put intentionally put the Hue bridge on either the same channel as the SmartThings hub or on a different channel from the SmartThings. It depends in large part on what channel the smartthings hub is using.

If, for example, the smartthings channel is using the ZHA channel 14, that channel is not available to a hue bridge.

All of that said, however, that is the channel that these two devices will use for normal message transmission. During discovery, things get more complicated, because the end devices don’t know out of the box which channels the controllers are on. So there is the potential for some channel switching to occur in that vulnerable moment.

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Bingo! @JDRoberts I was on 20 on the hue hub when it performed the worst.

I just bought my echo 2 weeks ago. It works with my ge link bulb without problem. I don’t have any other hub other than ST version 2. So far I can reliably control all the devices I selected without issues. I haven’t enabled my lock (schlage) or sirens to avoid accidentily triggering or opening the devices.

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Are you saying you can control the GE bulbs with Alexa and just your ST hub? I just got my hub and trying to move everything over from wink. When I try to discover it only recognizes the leviton dimmer I installed for testing.

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If the GE Link bulbs are showing up as switches in SmartThings, then you can go into the SmartApp for Amazon Echo (on the SmartApps tab of the Rooms & Things (“My Home”) page, and authorize them first, before running Alexa’s “discover”.

Yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing.
Once you connect the bulbs to your ST hub you will go to the smart apps tab, click on Amazon echo, and authorize the bulbs in there.

Once you have clicked fine and that part close open your Alexa all and discover devices.

You will then have control via voice.

Watch what you name your devices in ST. Those names carry over directly into Alexa.
So if you have a back porch light bulb named BPL1 then you will have to say that to control it in Alexa.

Just name your devices the way you want to say them.


Got it. Totally worked. I was thinking I would have to go through my Harmony and do some workaround but as I added bulbs to ST and like you said went into smartapps and added them there once I rediscovered it worked. Basically anthing you add can be controlled thru the echo is what it seems. Well lights and stuff for the most part. I’m totally new to this but its working as it did on wink and my leviton swiches are working.

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I’ve had success using the SmartThings hub and Amazon echo with GE bulbs. I can’t get them to dim properly using the Amazon echo, does anyone have a solution as to how to dim these bulbs using a voice request to Amazon echo. It’s either on or off. Even when requesting Alexa to dim, it will go to completely off.

Thank you

Try saying “Alexa, turn (bulb name) to X percent” or use “set” instead of turn.

It seems like if you say “dim” then you often get a relative change in level which is passed as a negative number. ST converts it to 0 because setLevel won’t accept negative numbers.

You can check this in Live Logging to see whether the SmartApp is triggering a RELATIVE or ABSOLUTE level and what that level is.


It depends on the controller you’re using.

If you have them connected to the SmartThings hub, then approved to Echo as a connected device, dim will work.

If you are only using the wink app and the GE Link hub, I don’t think Echo can dim them.

This exactly.

I have the same setup. Amazon Echo +GE Link Bulbs +SmarThings hub and I can dim my bulbs fine with Alexa, but I had to figure out the proper wording and this gentleman has the best suggestion to try. I once had the bulb dimmed down to 50% already and asked her to dim it 75% to try and brighten it and she just turned it off.

Best to try his wording.