Amazon Echo DOES Voice Notifications!

Here’s a post for a smartapp I created for canned Alexa responses. Custom messages aren’t supported, but it should cover a majority of the scenarios.

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Here is a post about one of my reports.


I’m still trying to process all of this. I got rid of my UBI and I miss the announcements.

Am I reading all of this properly. I Just need an android device and my existing Echo and I can have that functionality back???

Can I accomplish this with the $49.99 Amazon fire they have on sale right now? I don’t NEED another tablet, but I don’t have an android tablet and I’m pretty certain those puppies can be re-worked to do everything an android tablet can.

Then again… (and I’ll dig through the forum to see if there’s a definitive answer)… is there a recommended BUDGET tablet that will do all of this??

Yes, I’m using an old Samsung s4 phone. You just have to have an Android device running Android 5.0 or newer.
You can tablet on Amazon fitting this bill for about 50.00.

I’m going to get done of then and use them in different rooms of the house. Each tablet can also be an individual speaker.

You can have messages go to the entire house, or just to devices you want.

Any alternatives out there for a Kit Kat version of Android? I have several cheapo Kit Kats lying around. I don’t want to spend $50 just to run this App, hope there’s an alternative.

The approach @ErnieG uses with SharpTools + Tasker should support back to Android 3.0:

Amazon Echo to trigger and announce a report via Sharptools

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Does Big Talker 1.1.15 work for this? I know it was said that 1.1.14 doesn’t work.

I don’t know. I’m still on .13. It works and I haven’t seen a reason to change it. The brew additions are all things I have echo do anyway that are native.

I just set this up real quick for a test - seems to work fine with 1.1.15.


That’s great! I’m about to get some more Android devices and speakers so I can add sound to other rooms.

I only used it through echo for a shirt time. I’m actually using an old Android phone and a speaker for my voice notifications

It was a quick test and didn’t test much functionality but it interrupted the song playing…told me my lights were on and went back to playing so it did the same thing I had as the android voice doing it so I would say good to go!

My wife was less than thrilled as I kept going watch this… watch this…

Yeah, I do like that it does that. I started out with the Echo but chalked over to the Android device so I can put it in different rooms. That way I can have asked specific to different rooms.

Like I can set it up in my son’s rooms to tell them to cone hello with groceries by making rules with virtual switches. That way it wrong have to announce all over the house.

that’s an excellent idea. Maybe my kids would start listening if it wasn’t our voices asking and a magical wall robot

I have alerts now, medicine time, go to the bus stop… Dinner time… Things like that. But I want specific things in their rooms.

Hi, this is other way to use alexa without mic.

@RudiP - Have you done a writeup on how you’ve got everything set up on your tablet? I know I’d be intrigued to read it!

Is there any way to change the voice? The default one speaks the text way too fast.

I noticed that you mentioned Android only. Anyone working on integration for an iPad?

If no iPad, would the Amazon Fire Tablet work?

Yes, it does work VERY well with the android tablet.

The only issue I am having is with volume. I have my echo set at 7, which is a comfortable volume for most things, but when a notification sounds, it is REALLY quite *through LanNouncer.

This is seriously amazing and can really turn the Echo into a real personal assistant. It now reminds me to lock doors, put coffee in the brewer, etc. Now, if only i could get it to speak in JARVIS’s voice, then we would be in business.


Anyone have any ideas to change the voice of LanNouncer? It is close to Alexa’s voice, but at the same time, not really. Would love a voice similar to J.A.R.V.I.S