Amazon Echo DOES Voice Notifications!

I think you would need to change the voice used on your Android device. LANnouncer uses TTS on the device.

That is what I was afraid of :cry: I am using a Fire Tablet, so my options to change things on the tablet are SUPER limited. Thanks for the information!

Taking bits and pieces from various blogs, I created something simple to do text->voice->alexa->response->play.

I hope it tides us over until Amazon supports this directly.



This is awesome! I can’t believe there aren’t more people using this! Thanks John!!!

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Ok, total newbie here, looking to have my Echo speaker be used for announcements from ST (door open, door closed, etc). Can anyone posting in here with the various solutions summarize where we’re at with this and possibly make a quick step by step for getting it up and running?

My environment:

  • ST Hub
  • MS Surface running SmartTiles on the wall
  • Amazon Echo in the same room as the Surface

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately there is no way to have Alexa respond to anything “Natively”… but there are work arounds… follow the links up at the top of this thread and you’ll be able to do it.

I was able to use the information here to create a high-quality push notification workaround.

YouTube demo here:

Write-up / Details here:


I use a piston in CoRE for this.

How so? U use a piston to make an announcement on the echo?

No, that isn’t possible at this time.

my bluetooth connection times out and disconnects. I’ve tried installing “BT keep alive app” on my Android but it doesn’t work either. Anyone having the same problem? I’m using an extra Samsung ON5 cellphone.

Mine tends to time out as well but I’m using a older Nexus 7 tablet and the built in speakers are actually loud enough for me although the quality isn’t as good.

I have installed all of the components as listed at the top of this thread.

The issue I am having is that Big Talker does not see my LANnouncer device.

The LANnouncer Device I created does communicate with my android phone.

I can have it chime, speak, strobe ect.

I also have this working with VLC things and Big Talker, but I want it to work with my android phone.

Anyone know why Big Talker is not seeing my LANnouncer device?

What exactly are you wanting your system to do?

Maybe this so can help you too.

ok so can someone summarize. if i connect my echo to a bluetooth speaker will i be able to make it send me voice notification reminders now? can someone elaborate.

No… you can not.

You have to have a speaker connected to the ST environment or one using the LanDroid software. If you have a wifi speaker connected to ST you can push announcements to it. If you have an android device using LanDroid you can connect to the Echo and the announcements will come out of the Echo… but via the android device.

check out this app… new version coming in a few days…

I do have smartthings. so if i connect my smartthings to my wireless bluetooth speaker, will i be able to do this?

You can not connect a bluetooth device to the SmartThings hub at this time. But, if that ever becomes available, I’m sure it would work.

ahh but i thought you said that if i have a speaker connected to st then it would work. i dont have a android device so that way wont work.

I meant via wifi or other integration… unfortunately the ST hub has Bluetooth built in, but it is not active… which sucks because we could do so much more with it.