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This is super helpful…in my situation now that everything is either automated or set up in a routine I rarely go to the ST app for anything. I go into IDE to update one off apps I have installed as updates are released or if a device isn’t working I will go in to confirm the handler is correct. But for the most part I use the widget for routine access or Alexa to turn things on and off that aren’t automated. I do use ST to detect presence because several years back when I tried Life360 it was AWFUL as it related to response time. It would take several minutes to detect presence and when you don’t want the Sonos blaring at you when you walk in you need your presence to be detected as soon as you are in the geofence zone. I have to assume that if you are using as you say you are that the function has improved.

Based on your input I am still torn as to whether I spend the time to upgrade to ST V3 and rebuild what I may lose in the hub and app conversion or take the leap to Hubitat but either way it seems I need to at a minimum build out a raspberry pi with homebridge for the apple watch experience.

Thanks so much for your time and expertise…off to compare costs of both options to see if that get me closer to a decision. :thinking:


So I may be veering slightly off topic, but I have some Inovelli Zwave switches that need firmware updates. Smarthings has said Zwave firmware updates have been “coming soon” for over 3 years now, and with all the resources going to the new app switch I’m not holding my breath. Anyway I’m looking to just get an Aeotec Zstick to do those firmware updates, then realized once I get that I can just get a PI and some software and bingo, another hub. It seems like from some instructions I found here - imply I can run two controllers on my Zwave network at the same time. Is that actually possible long term (and not just for firmware updates)? Could I potentially use Smartthings to control the “remote” things, and use Home Assistant/OpenHab/or Homesseer on a PI with my new Zstick at the same time to control things locally? This could be a good option to really use the strengths and weaknesses of one hub over the other on the same Zwave network. Most of my devices are Zwave, with only a few Zigbee that would remain controlled on the Smartthings hub. If Smartthings totally doesn’t work for me anymore I can just add a Zigbee stick and just have my own hub that I own, control, and made myself and wouldn’t have to worry about leaving my fate up in the air to the whims of some corporation. I originally started off with cloud control but the more time I spend on automation the less I have to do things in the cloud and talk to Alexa. I come home and unlock the door and things happen. I get up in the morning and flick one switch, and everything else turns on and off knowing I got up. That is so much better than having Alexa not understand me half the time.

P.S. - I know Hubitat already supports Zwave firmware updates, and if I had just bought a Hubitat instead of Smartthings I would have been able to update the firmware, and now any cost savings from the Smartthigs hub will be wiped out by having to buy this Zstick. If Hubitat just had an app though…

I am not a Z-Wave expert at all. Sorry, wish I could be more help. I am sure there are others who have done exactly what you’re considering. There has to be some trade-offs trying to use two Z-Wave controllers on the same network. If not, I would think lots of folks would already be doing it.

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can run two controllers on my Zwave network at the same time. Is that actually possible long term (and not just for firmware updates)? Could I potentially use Smartthings to control the “remote” things, and use Home Assistant/OpenHab/or Homesseer on a PI with my new Zstick at the same time to control things locally?

Probably not the way you are imagining. See the brand new FAQ. (The topic title is a clickable link.)



Check out Home Assistant (which is open source software, not hardware)

Wishing I did a couple months ago. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed with the transition and hope for the best. If not, will definitely switch to Home Assistant.

EDIT - what a difference two days makes. “I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best” Echo speaks is getting killed with no notification to the developer - [Release] Echo Speaks v3 + Actions . Classic App support will totally end in October Updates to the SmartThings Platform
I just keep reading about endless problem after another on the different threads, so yeah, definitely second guessing my choice on Smartthings right now. You were right @ogiewon and @jlv , should have went with a Hubitat

Caveat Emptor


My migration to HE was almost easy except for my older Schlage lock. The Schlage used to be in their compatible devices list before but it seem to have been dropped due to issues with it staying connected for a lot of people. Mine paired initially at first and working well then just dropped off the network a few days later, even with two hardwired zwave devices in close proximity to it.

The glutton for punishment in me bought another Schlage open box from Amazon warehouse and that too has dropped once in a while but a hub reboot seems to have it back online. I haven’t messed with it too much since the lock codes are still usable even when the hub is not seeing events. The one I replaced was migrated to the back porch and that one I have a B of a time trying to pair back into HE. We have a date again this weekend.

Another device(s) to watch out for or just be aware if you have it/them are the older GE/Jasco dimmers and switches. The ones that do not report status to the hub. You’ll have to install a poller app to update the devices status with the hub. I only have 4 of them so that’s not too bad.


I switched HA is really powerfull.


I had a boat load of these and confirmed they suck on HE. They also suck on the new ST platform - in fact I couldn’t even pair them once unpaired. Bottom line is these old non plus ZWave devices should just be replaced for a healthy smart home solution. I’m slowly replacing mine. Down to about 6 switches and 2 plugs.


:point_up: This - 100%

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Sad part is I still have a couple in a box :frowning:


I still have some of those old GE switches in my drawer of shame… :wink:


Did you turn on HE’s poller app and select them in it? I was about to move one of mine to HE tomorrow.

I didn’t bother … I know it will work but you just can’t poll fast enough to make the experience equal to that of a ZWave plus switch.


IMHO, if you don’t turn on Poller you can’t really say they suck on HE. SmartThings is polling all Z-wave devices in the same way Poller does to avoid these switches from falling off.

So I fired up a instance of HA and have been playing with it for a few days, yes it’s extremely powerful, but i think it’s almost TOO powerful and not user friendly enough. I’m going to try HE next.


Totally fair. Please let us know what your experience is like. I am curious.

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I just found out that the poller itself stops polling lol. One of the suggestion is to poll the poller :grin:

I will offload the polling to node-red, time to get my feet wet.

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So I’ve given Home Assistant a try, and boy is it a pain to get going. Not for the faint of heart, and you need a lot of time on your hands. I put in in a docker container on an old laptop and took forever just to get the Zstick working. This guy does a funny video on Home Assistant

I’ll try sticking out this Smartthings transition and see what happens


I don’t have a lot of free time, been here with ST for years.

I’ve got smart zoned CH, hottub (smart, propane powered), alarm system, garage door opener, all the usual lights etc.

Slowly moving over to hubitat now, and wish I’d took the plunge years ago.

I’ve moved the essentials so far. Whilst I’m doing that I’ve just had my ST hub disconnected to be honest. So right now my CH doesn’t work (don’t need it), but I think I’ll struggle to get the TRV drivers to work under hubitat (I’m relying on @GSzabados to potentially port the driver which works under ST, but if not, I’ll probably leave this part running with Samsung until I replace the trvs with some simpler solenoids - then move to hubitat). If the driver can be ported, it’ll save some cash and hassle!

For me, smartthings has became a piece of crap. Awful.

Hubitat so far has been a breath of fresh air.