Allow scene to open streaming app on Smart TVs

The SmartThings mobile app allows users to open streaming apps on a connected smart TV (ex: on my Samsung TV running Tizen, I can use SmartThings app to open Netflix, Disney+, etc).

HOWEVER, I cannot do so within a user defined scene. SmartThings TV automations would be much more useful if user could open an app on the TV from within a scene, because just turning on TV or switching the input does not help very much.

This would be a great addition, because anyone launching scenes with a voice assistant could specify different app scenes to trigger with different voice commands and not have to waste time launching the apps with the remote.

Extra points if you then could allow a scene to search for a specific title within the open app and play the first result if found. People would be able to start a movie/show on the TV completely through voice at that point.

But i realize that second part is more complicated. Even just the first feature request (opening an app from within a user defined scene) would be VERY useful.

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Agreed, I wanted to do exactly the same but app selection is missing in a routine

Answer to this is possibly a cheap android device running Sharptools and Tasker, along with some work in Webcore. If your tv and AVR respond to http commands, you’re in business.

Just a note to users considering webcore at this point…

When groovy support ends on the ST platform… webcore will cease so it would only be a temporary option at the point.

Understood. But as of yet, no date is yet announced for this. I’m hoping it’s a long way down the road.