Samsung Tizen TV Issues

Hello! I’m having trouble trying to set up a scene that open any App on my new TV.

While I can use the SmartThings’ remote to open apps like Netflix on my TV, there is no option to do this when setting up a Scene.

This is SmartThings’s remote to my TV:

. (Under “Entradas e Aplicativos” I can select Netflix and it will open Netflix on my TV).

However, when I try to add a scene by doing Add Scene > Actions > Control Device > TV, all I have are 4 options:


  • Mute
  • Change TV input (from one HDMI to another for example)
  • Change Image Mode (Personal, Movies, etc.)
  • Change Sound Mode (Ambient, etc.)

There seems to be no option to set up a Scene that involves opening a App on TV, is that really the case? Is there a workaround without me having to buy a new device? Thanks!