All zigbee devices will not connect / are now not working

Anyone else have this issue? I’ve now tried to connect three different kinds of zigbee bulbs (GE Link, Cree Connected and the Osram RGBW A19) all will not be found by my hub. I’ve reset it numerous times, the bulbs each well over a dozen times to no avail. I have one preexisting zigbee device that while I can control it, it doesn’t update the status of it being dimmed / on and off through the app.

I’ve been trying to get through to support now for over 45 minutes on the phone and have been redirected over and over from department to department. SO frustrating!

Any help is appreciated, I have literally no idea where else I can go especially dealing with the support phone number redirecting me!

I’m sure that’s frustrating!

Smartthings does not provide phone support for the product. You can reach them by email at

Or there’s a chat window on the site, but I’m not sure what the hours are. Look at the very bottom of the support page:

Meanwhile were any of these bulbs ever connected previously? Zigbee bulbs can be tricky, because each brand has a different “blink pattern” to get it ready for joining.

You can try forcing a “network heal.” This is one of those can’t hurt, might help things.

Take the hub off power (including removing any batteries) and leave it off power for at least 15 minutes. When you put it back on power, it will re-sync with your cloud account, so give that a few minutes.

Then pick just one bulb to work with, put it in a lamp in the same room with the hub, and follow the pairing instructions for it.

Let us know how it goes.

Hey @JDRoberts, thanks for the reply!

Yes, very infuriating. I dialed that number because it would seem they are advertising support via their “support” page, and referencing the number that I dialed which no one could help me :

Chat window apparently says 9AM PST, which is 12PM EST for me so I’ll wait out for that.

I had two of the GE link bulbs connected previously (a while back) and one day they both stopped working through the app. They still lit up, but the app couldn’t control either one of them so I unpaired them / removed them from my hub. Now they both will not pair, including the two new cree connected bulbs I bought (because I thought the GE ones died, so I bought two different ones to replace them) and now the osram A19 RGBW also won’t be discovered by the hub.

I’ve reset (read the support articles on all of these bulbs) each one of these at least a dozen of times, especially with the cree connected bulbs, as there’s a couple different ways you can apparently reset them. None of that worked though.

I’ll try the 15 minute thing with the hub and will report back, have not specifically tried it with 15 minutes, so I’m willing to try anything at this point!

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GE Links are flaky. Nothing to do with smartthings, except that it’s the reason why they are not on the official compatibility list. But they should still pair, they just might drop off later.

One thing about zigbee is that it can be subject to interference from Wi-Fi, particularly boosted Wi-Fi. Ideally your hub should be at least 3 m from any Wi-Fi router or extension point. But if your other zigbee devices are working fine, then that’s probably not it.


Thanks for the notification on that. I actually was really excited (because I haven’t heard of that before) so I moved the hub to the other side of my house (it was sitting directly next to my airport extreme router!) but unfortunately it’s the same situation :frowning:

The only other zigbee device I have like I said is that one GE link bulb that doesn’t report back it’s current dim level / on off status back to the hub, but through the app I can still control it. Quite weird!

Really at a loss here though … :-/