All things on at a glance

Is there anyway to see all devices that are on at the current moment within ST app?

The things option doesn’t work as I have too many devices and too long of a list.

Simple Device Viewer or ActionTiles,


Thanks @Mbhforum

Yup - ActionTiles (currently $23.99 per SmartThings Location after 14 day free trial) let’s you put an arbitrary number of Things on a dashboard Panel, and, thus, if you want to see all of your Switches, for example, you can make pretty darn efficient use of our grid layout and optional “small” Tile size, to have them available at a glance!

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I created a virtual device called “House” that shows me switches on, contacts open, doors unlocked. You can see screenshots here:

Here is the code:

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Thanks but the github link is a 404 error

Click into the post and the link works there. The preview doesn’t seem to work.

Got it. So i have it setup but is doesnt show me all the devices in the things. Does it take a while to load?

When you installed the SmartApp did you choose which devices from things you wanted to monitor? It doesn’t automatically show everything. Then once one of those things has activity it should populate the virtual device.

@ritchierich Nice idea, going to test out your app :blush:


I thought it would list everything

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