All started with ecobee connect and a free dth

I guess I will start with, realized my dth didn’t make ecobee look like the pics I see and some of his SmartApps don’t work. Was thinking it’s the original ecobee connect because it doesn’t have options to do anything in it really. So I’ve been deleting it in ide all day and it just automatically appears In ide again, I can’t remove it from android app, I was hoping to start from scratch. I tried chrome browser and found that it appears to have a list of its own SmartApp that are unaffected by what I do in my regular browser. Deleted as much as I can but can’t get ecobee connect to reset so I can use the custom code. Start there I suppose. Hope someone has seen this before

The smart room app that is 0auth is the only one I could never remove so I gave it 0auth and didn’t see any changes

The ecobee smartroom at the bottom of the pics appears in both but normally was only in one browser so maybe it’s not a different list but a timing thing.

Looks like the version I am maintaining. I’d suggest raising your issues/questions on the active thread for this free Ecobee DTH here: [RELEASE] Free Ecobee Suite, Version 1.2.*

I’ll post an answer to your problem over there…scroll down to the last message.

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