All devices are disconnected (15 Oct 2021)

I have a few zigbee devices connected to my smartthings ( 2 aqara motion and 2 aqara door sensors )
Some are a bit far and some are as close as 1 meter away from the hub!
Perhaps following a power failure (not sure) now all the devices are disconnected!
What am I supposed to do to reconnect them?
I tried resetting (few seconds press) on one of the motion sensors but that did not help.
Please advise… I currently have “only” 4 devices but i’m waiting for about 12 more. Please tell me there’s a sensible way to reconnect all the devices and that I don’t have to re-pair all of them upon such a failure…

I’m sure there is an issue with Smartthings since about 6 hours ago. I have many Fibaro devices offline and Actiontiles are out of sync with devices that appear to be online in Smartthings.

Entire system is currently offline. The app doesn’t react to any input. I get the message
“We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again”

Internet is working fine and stable, WiFi is working as expected. Restarted the hub but without any success. Some strange short outages over the day but now a total loss of everything. Anyone with similar problems?

this is not my issue, App is working fine, all devices (except for HUB) are disconnected for 2 days now.

Several people in Europe and the UK are reporting this. Make sure you file a trouble report with support as it is not showing up on the status page yet.

SmartThings Platform Degraded Performance

Identified - Some users globally may have been logged out of the mobile app, experiencing delays or failures with logging in, controlling devices, and loading certain parts of the app. We are currently investigating and will provide more details as available.
Oct 15, 18:04 UTC

Investigating - Something is not quite right. We’re looking into it and will provide additional details as they become available.
Oct 15, 17:53 UTC

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Which is also not working in the app :roll_eyes:

JD what happened to the thread I started it has vanished ?

this one?


Still there, I just added the date.

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You can still use email:

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As far as I’m aware anyone outside USA gets no support

Yup I must be going bonkers, I’m sure it vanished and came back… meh… any hoo I think my devices have just come back online

Not really checking that closely as TNG was on

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more of a general technical inquiry - How are the devices connecting and reconnecting to the hub exactly?
i’m sure it happens that the hub goes offline from time to time due to power failures. are all devices supposed to reconnect to it? does the hub keep trying to reconnect to the sensors? How are things supposed to work?
I am pretty sure the issue I have is not the same as yours - as no-one in my region complains about such failures