Aliases or groups?

I was going to use ifttt but it’s so limiting.

I expected st to have something like an alias or fake “thing” that could set several other things off. But since it doesn’t it’s really limited.

Are there plans to add this? Maybe tie a fake thing to an app?

Right now I can’t trigger one thing via ifttt or my echo to set two lights at 50% and two off etc.

Look up virtual or simulated or on/off tile.

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In the IDE Smartthings Interface you can create Simulated Switches, I use these with IFTTT and various other rule logic to store and communicate state.

This might be of interest (this is a clickable link):

There are also two existing smartapps in the marketplace section of the official mobile app that allow you to tie a mode change or a routine (routines were previously called " hello home phrases") to a switch. Since that switch can be virtual, this is a popular way to extend the capabilities of IFTTT. :sunglasses:

I have seen you mention IFTTT a lot in these threads, and I’m struggling to find some additional use cases on what I could do. The only one I have set right now is “IF #Echo then #HUE”. Nothing really fancy or complicated, but a novelty for the kids.

How do you use IFTTT in your day-to-day? What routines are you automating?

As of right now, I have my wife’s phone and my phone set up as presence sensors and routines configured for home, away, vacation that work as-intended (thermostat, lights). I also created my own z-wave garage controller, but I’m hesitant to enable an entry in IFTTT.

Thanks for your insight. You seem to be the biggest purveyor of IFTTT use and I’d love to learn more.


That’s a good question. :sunglasses:

Some people use IFTTT a lot, some not at all. As it happens, we have a Projects topic where people (including me) list their favorite uses, so it should be of interest. (This is a clickable link.)