Alexa speak failed

first off, I am new at this so my terminology may be a bit off.

I have an piston that uses alexa speak. It was humming along happily - then it wasn’t. I wrote this quick and dirty piston to check the functioning of Alexa. There was no sound output. I believe the log indicates that it ran. I’ve included a copy of the test piston and log for review. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Check your IDE live logs also when you run your test.

Update - I was in the IDE and found that I no longer have the ability to create or delete devices and smartapps.

Try logging in using an Incognito window

And login at

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That got me back online with the IDE.

Next is that Alexa is still accepting command just no speaking. When I send a volume change with the speak command the volume change is accepted…just no voice.

Alexa accept text input?

Alexa does everything except speak when requested programmically VIA webCoRe. Interesting, Alexa will speak announcements programmically VIA webCoRe.

She came back for a few hours yesterday but stopped programically speaking again sometime in the early morning hours today.

Make me wonder if I somehow made an illegal call somehow and it’s stuck in the queue somewhere gumming up the works until the system decides to flush that statement.

Try : Speak. Don’t use Speak Text.