Alexa Room Temperatures

In the last couple of days, Amazon Alexa is reporting average room temperatures that are way too high. I think it has suddenly started including the temperature from the Keen vents in each room. Has anybody run into this? Any suggestions on how to correct this?

I have an Echo device in most rooms and a temperature sensor in each room that I assign to that room in the Alexa App. What’s your process?

Most of my temp sensors are remote Ecobee sensors but I also use a Virtual Thermostat for those rooms where an Ecobee sensor is not located.

In my Family Room I have an Echo Plus and an ecobee sensor. Until a couple of days ago, Alexa reported the correct average of those two sensors. Then Alexa started reporting average temperatures 30 degrees higher. I also have two Keen Smart Vents in the Family Room. Adding the two vents to the average temperature explains the huge increase in average temperature. Alexa lists the two vents as switches and there is no setting that I can find to exclude them from temperature calculations.

Could you this be a C vs. F issue? Those higher readings might be accurate in Farenheit.

No, the individual temperatures for the Echo Plus and the ecobee sensor are both 68 degrees. The two smart vents are about 113 degrees. Alexa is reporting an average of 91 degrees.

Have you created a group for your Family Room and added the Echo Plus and Ecobee sensor located in that room to that group? If so, then it should only report the average of those two temperatures but it’s super important to have them in an Alexa group. If not, then it would average all temperature sensor in your account.

Sometimes an update or WiFi change can ungroup them. Post a screenshot of the Alexa Group.

What Alexa query are you using to get the temp reported?

I have a Family Room group that includes those two sensors. That group also includes the two Keen vents. If I remove the vents from the group, then Alexa reports the correct average temperature. I am only using the Family Room as an example. Every room that has a Keen vent is reporting the average temperature incorrectly.

Sounds like the issue is with the vents…Maybe update the DTH? How important are they to report temp if you have other devices that serve the same purpose and is not giving you issues.

Most of my rooms have an Ecobee Remote sensor, motion with temp and contact with temp. I even have humidity sensors with temp in some rooms but really only need one of those to actually report temp which is typically the Ecobee since it’s directly related to the overall HVAC comfort levels.

You could also move the vents a separate “room” in Alexa. That should eliminate from the temp calc for the room in question.

This is one fix and I will probably do it short term.

It certainly looks like ST has change something and that Alexa is picking up temperatures form more devices than it used to. The vents, which are listed by ST as switches for Alexa, should not be reporting temperature to Alexa without giving me the ability to exclude that from Alexa.

Well, we have very little control over Alexa, unfortunately. What you do have the ability to do is control what the DTH publishes to Alexa. Are you currently using a custom DTH or a built-in one?