Alexa recognition in smartthings

I can’t recognize smartthings alexa. I would like to integrate some smartthings routines with alerts on alexa but I do not understand com never I can not see it.
I have to use device?
I can also send notifications on all the echos I have at home?
if it is possible how can you do?
thank you very much for anyone can give me directions

In Smartthings you need to create a special virtual switch which includes a contract sensor.

You can then use that virtual device to trigger an Alexa Routine that can speak to you.

See the community FAQ:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

thanks for the answer Paul, where I can find the explanations or you can show me a link

If you follow 1st posting in the attached link you can install a virtual switch which includes a contact sensor.

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thanks for help.

You can also tell me how to create a unique group with echo dots to be able to send messages to everyone at the same time

Create a new Alexa routine and do the folowing:

Your trigger in Alexa will be your Smarttings virtual switch.

Your action will be “Announce”’ then type in what you want her to say, went you click next you can pick all or some echoes to make the announcement.


Sorry but I can not configure alexa to be able to use it for ads in smartthings
Can someone tell me if a detailed explanation is available or give me directions

Thank you very much

The only things you do with Alexa in Smartthings are:

  1. Link the 2 systems. I believe under the menu tab. This will automatically make all your ST devices available in Alexa.
  2. In ST create virtual switches with an integral contact sensors. See my 2 posts above.
  3. You can write ST routines in ST to operate these virtual switches.

There is nothing else you can do in ST. Then you need to do the rest in Alexa.

In Alexa you can write Alexa routines that are triggered by the ST virtual switches. The Alexa routines can be written to say what ever you want.

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perfect, thank you very much

done, all OK