Alexa opening and closing garage door?

Is there a fairly simple way getting alexa to open and close garage door. Haven’t really found much on the topic. I have a golinear zwave controller for the garage door.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time in the future if you start with the FAQ section of this forum. :wink:

Where, for example, you would find the following:


I use stringify with the words close garage and it locks my August lock and closes my garage door. Probably easier dropping a couple icons on a flow. Only issue is you have to say tell stringify.

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I use the rboy device driver which allows the garage door to be open and closed as a switch. My alexa treats its it just as an on off switch

I used to have alexa doing it. But the amount of work involved in upkeep of that function was greater than the work involved in pressing a button on my way out the door, which if I’m opening the garage is occurring anyway… so it was cool for two months but utterly unnecessary. So it’s gone.

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Not directly due to security reasons. You can use a modified device handler to get Alexa to control it using turn Garage Door “On” or “Off”

See this topic for details

Alternatively you can use the Ask Alexa app, this is a replacement for Alexa per se and can do a lot more than Alexa like controlling locks etc which Alexa cannot do but beware that it bypasses security restrictions.

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I solved all my issues with home voice assistants yesterday.

I think now we have a much safer and easier integration option. All it takes is to add the Lock capability to the device driver. I did that to my MIMOlite Garage Door Opener so I can ask Alexa to lock/unlock garage door now. Alexa will ask me for a pass code when I try to unlock, a nice safety feature.

Care to elaborate a bit on this one?

since the device driver has the switch capability, I just created to Alexa routines.

Open the garage door --> this turn on the switch and the door opens
Close the garage door --> turns off the switch and the door closes

Very simple fix and it works every time.

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  1. Now sure what everyone is referring to when they say “device driver”.

  2. Adding the “Lock capability” to the aforementioned “driver” is done how, exactly?

  3. Opening the door with Alexa isn’t really a problem. Keeping her from opening the door when I tell her to turn on the lights is my main concern.

“Device Driver” is another term for “device type handler“.

The following FAQ should explain the concepts in process if you are not familiar with them: (the topic title is a clickable link)

Really doesn’t get any easier than this. Exactly what I’ve been doing for the longest and it works flawlessly.

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@JDRoberts @rontalley so from what I just read, if I add switch capability to the device handler that I’m using I should be able to create the routine in Alexa to turn the door on to actuate my relay? I’m pasting the code that I’m using below:

metadata {
definition (name: “Child Door Control”, namespace: “ogiewon”, author: “Daniel Ogorchock”) {
capability “Door Control”
capability “Garage Door Control”
capability “Contact Sensor”
capability “Actuator”
capability “Sensor”
capability “Momentary”

This is from Dan Orgochock’s ST_Anything.

Sorry to drag up an old thread, but how does one make the Iris GoControl act like a lock to Alexa so that you have to say a 4 digit passcode to open it? It doesn’t seem to be explained here and my searches only find this thread and very old threads.

Alexa allows me to unlock my front door now this way, hoping to do the same with my garage door opener.