Alexa now works with LightwaveRF

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Alexa now integrates directly with LightwaveRF.
I enabled the skill this morning and it’s pretty good really.
There’s no support for moods yet, but it’s on the way.
The LightwaveRF dimming sockets are great for using with incandescent lamps and I have a few of those around my house.
Now I’m able to control all my lights using voice commands and it’s very useful and convenient.
All that’s lacking now is Smartthings integration with LightwaveRF.
Is there any hope of this ever happening?

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This is great news although I am surprised how low key Lightwaverf have been over launching this integration , as I’m on their mailing list I would have expected at least an email announcing this.

With regard to SmartThings integrating with Lightwaverf I wouldn’t expect it to happen , @adamclark_dev method on the Raspberry Pi seems to work for most people though and is an inexpensive way of achieving it.

Also now that there is the Lightwaverf IFTTT channel then I guess there’s an opportunity to create some interesting recipes once the UK Alexa channel is up and running.