Alexa + Automatic


“Doing so will give Alexa access to everything that Automatic tracks, and allow you to ask her things like how much gas is left in your tank, or where you last parked your car. You can also ask for quick glimpses of your driving history during specified periods – for instance, asking her how many miles you drove last week, or in June.”

I tried this but even though Alexa has “access to everything” she only divulges the three described.

My testing finds it has a way to go, however. I have two of the same model cars and it should use the alias nick name to distinguish them, but doesn’t. And when I ask fuel level it tells me location instead.

I can’t find any documentation on this.

Pretty cool, regardless.

Yeah I messed around with it. I don’t see a ton of value coming out of it yet – but that also goes true for pretty much all of hte Nest integrations.