Alexa as an alarm alert?

Hi! Has anyone figured out a way to setup an Amazon Echo (Alexa) to make a siren type sound if SmartThings is armed and a door may open?

You could do this with a tablet or phone (if you have a wallmounted tablet, this is perfect for that) via LANnouncer.

You would connect the tablet or phone to Alexa via bluetooth so all audio from it comes out of Alexa.
You would add the tablet or phone via LANnouncer as a speaker. This will also support the siren feature.

If you’re using SHM, you could then add this as a Siren in the SHM setup (Security > Alert with Sirens > select your device).

You could then use the Big Talker app to add voice statements if you wanted. [OBSOLETE 1.1.6 5/25/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

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Thank you!! I’ll try that out :slight_smile:

Echo will only respond to a voice initiated command

There is no way to send Alexa a command or use it as a Text-to-speach device although manny would like to

I’m using an Aeon Doorbell for what you are describing, it has 100 mp3 slots you can use with any sound and then have it play the sound though something like CoRE

It will only respond to a voice-initiated command but it can also act as a Bluetooth speaker and play a custom MP3 streamed from another device. This is a method that a number of community members have used to play sounds or voice alerts through the echo, and is the one described in the first response.

It’s not as elegant as a true text to speech capability, and it does require an additional device, but it is doable.

I was skeptical at first, as a following thread will show, but in fact the method does work.

True, but unless you have an Android device you don’t use laying around the Aeon Doorbell is a far simpler solution. I have been using one and works well for this use case.

Its interesting that there are couple of Apps (both IOS and Android) that implement AVS and seem to allow you to send a text message to Alexa instead of voice, but can’t find anything in their official documentation that points to this capability. It would be the perfect TTS device…

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You can purchase a zwave siren that is much louder. I think the OP would like to leverage his existing echo as a siren.

You can pick up a Fire tablet around $30 (on sale). Lanannouncer and smarttiles makes it a solid Home Automation add on.

I have a couple of the lowes siren, think I got them on sale for about $20 each. They are super loud (100 db)

Definitely the Aeon Doorbell is a good device and fits many use cases. For the siren, it makes perfect sense. And at $49, it’s a good value solution as well. :sunglasses:

@bamarayne has an echo in just about every room at his house (he has five kids) and he uses it for voice notifications such as telling the kids in one bedroom that it’s time for dinner. If you’re going to have an echo in those rooms anyway, you can probably cover all of them with one or two android devices. being able to selectively choose the notification speaker fits other use cases.

So as always, different things work for different use cases. Choice is good. :heart_eyes: