Alarm sounds?

Can I make it so that when my front door sensor opens, I can create an automation for Alexa? What I want is for my door sensor to actually audibly alert me that this has happened. I do not want an alarm but more like an alert. I am looking to do this without having to buy anything extra. I also have a smartthings outlet but havent figured out what to plug into that will alert me. TIA

Nope. Dome make a siren and chime combo that is about $35 that will work.

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It can be done with Alexa, but you would still have to buy an additional android device to broadcast a Sound file over Bluetooth. And that’s not the easiest way to do it.

There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki that discusses some of the different alternatives. Since you have an extra smart plug, there are some dumb alarms that you could plug into that that might be the least expensive, but take a look at the article.

Can be done with google home using assistant-relay if you want spoken word:

Or with Cast-web if you want a tone instead of a spoken word.

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If you have an old Android device running OS 5.1 or better lying around, you could set that up to do TTS (text to speech) announcements, a siren, and a built-in tone sound. I’ve explained how to set it up here:

I use Raspberry PI 3 running VLC and a small speaker attached to the 3.55 audio jack. The advantage here is I use the PI for running a few other things too. I have one on each floor that works just like voice alert you get from a professional alarm system. Instead of voice you can use a chime or any sound you want.

So I did get the dome siren, but I have the iphone and when I add it, it just keeps saying Checking Status. Any ideas?

There are two smartthings apps right now.

Smartthings classic

SmartThings (Samsung Connect)

Which one are you using?

Also, which model of the hub do you have?