and Smart Things

Is there a way to use the door sensors in to trigger actions in SmartThings?

So say I want to when a door is open for more than 30 seconds I want to turn off my ecobee.

The support for this code is so sporadic, I doubt that anyone would answer.

I was trying to do that sorts of things by using SMS… since can send an SMS you could have an SMS sent to lets say a twilio number and do whatever you want from that point given you have some development knowledge.

That being said you could use, and that’s what i’m trying to do, wrap api, to do whatever you want, but require some legwork. But so far… since we’re like reverse engineering the whole thing, its going to always be PULL instead of push which will always be slower.

I use a g-email account to do something in SmartThings when a door linked my alarm is opened. The notification via email 99% timely. Unfortunately I do not get notified if the door is closed, so I use a 15 second timer to simulate the door closing. I could use the 20 minute alert for the door being opened, but I do not want to change the time.

I also use the email to set SHM in SmartThings based on Alarm settings, AWAY/STAY/DISARM.

Does this and Smartthings integration still work? From reading the thread it appears as if lots of people are having problems with it and there’s no support.

Any other way to get the 2 integrated?


It works fine for me. I use it to arm and disarm my alarm based on presence. Not much more you can do with it beyond that.


I just set up my v2 hub and this is a big part of my plans. I use envision who uses or I guess now brinks and this is not working well for me. I can see the arm and disarming options just will not send a command.

I hope ADC will add this.

Thought I’d mention that this integration still works fine for me. One of the most annoying parts of alarmdotcom was their lack of arm–when-away. This fixes that. Love it.

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Does anyone have any problems using this on the newer version of the smartthings app?

Hey Smurf, your solutions here are awesome, thanks for sharing!

The 2gig gc3 has “open collector outputs” that you can program in the settings to trigger based on alarm state or events.

I’m thinking a zwave relay could be hooked up to it to capture alarm status in smartthings.

Curious what you think about this idea if it should work.

I have programmed the output trigger from the 2gig to a Fibaro door contact so that ST knows if and when my house is armed and disarmed.

Can you describe your setup a little more please?

In G-mail set up the email account to move the received emails move emails received to specific folder. I have 3 folders set up to cover Away/Stay/Disarm.
Now on the SmartThings side of things, I have a virtual dimmer switch setup and a WebCoRE piston, so that when the dimmer is changed to 0%, SmartThings set’s it status to disarm. When the dimmer is changed to 50%, it is set to stay and with the dimmer at 99% the system is set to Away.

I also use Stringify on my phone and linked to SmartThings, it works faster than IFTTT for me. In Stringify, I have a flow setup for each alarm state. For example, if an email is received in the Stay folder, I will trigger the flow, by switching the virtual dimmer to 50%. This in turn will set Smarthings to the same state.

More expensive route, but it does work 100%; I had the original software functional but then the update broke it for me (like for many others) & nothing I did ever fixed it again… The Mother of Invention is Necessity! (that, or steal somebody else’s idea!)

Pop the cover off the FOB. Solder 1 relay to each of the Arm Away, Arm Stay & Disarm FOB buttons respectively. I had to use a very large magnifying glass to assist with the soldering (the solder point are minute!), but even as a dodgy novice I managed it just fine.

Now I have WC trigger the corresponding relay depending on my ST state. It is still a one-way interaction, but as mentioned, I have absolutely no issues… Having said this, as a professional Doubting Thomas, I have IFTTT look for corresponding incoming e-mail (or lack thereof) and act accordingly via WC in the event that something awry should occur.


Thank you!

Can this be used to track any changes in ADC, i.e. open/closed doors, sensor activity, etc?

@PashaF, if you can set up an email notification and Gmail folder for the specific event, I do not see why you could not. I have one set up for when any of the exterior doors are open.

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Cool that sounds simple.

I bought the Ez-multipli a while back and just recently got it working to show alarm state near an entry/exit door rather than buy a secondary alarm panel. .

Got it working pretty solid now. Here’s my setup. Thanks to all who’ve posted ideas/code here.

  1. SmartThings Hub with
  2. Install webcore (follow wiki it’s not as hard as it looks)
  3. Integrate with smartthings thanks to schwark!
  4. Create webcore rule to refresh arm stay, arm away and disarm status every 30 seconds. This makes the status in the smartthings app more accurate too.
  5. Create webcore rule If arm stay or arm away is on then with ezmultipli set color crimson and turn on… else set color green I am

Planning to add an outlet tapped off of the switches near the door to have an alarm status indicator at each door.

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Can you share your WebCore rule for this?