Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Hotfix Notes - 0.48.05

Actually, they have different versions, Wi-Fi Hubs are in 47 and, V2 and V3 are in 48. Also, Wi-Fi Hubs work significantly differently from the V2 and V3 Hubs (they aren’t updated at the same time or from the same source either). That’s why we treat each issue separately. Sorry for the confusion.
So, I’ll move your posts to the other thread.

You can close the support access, if the team wants to check something else directly in your account, we’ll ask you to enable it again, we mostly require it to get device IDs, generate Hub logs, or see any other property (capabilities, driver in use, etc.) depending on the issue being investigated.
Just as a clarification, the access is mostly read-only, we can’t do any changes to your setup without your written approval and we cannot access any camera/video devices, they are blocked for privacy purposes.

@nayelyz , Thanks for the clarification. I will close the access. Do you know when any updates on resolution will be available? I’d rather not keep this open-ended. Any way to get updates on what the Support team is looking at/into with the data alrerady in their hands?

Okay so the most basic development principles aren’t happening. Make a single change after good testing then back out if bad things happen. Instead we just throw changes at users and ignore the fact we cant tell what happened.


@nayelyz , I have been rather patient with this saga and now my patience is understandly running out. Z-Wave devices continue to cycle on and offline to the extent that I have had to turn off automations that are wrecking havoc with lights turning on and off in the middle of the night!

This platform is becoming unusable for me now. Is there any other escalation path to expedite resolution? I would rather see positive closure of this issue rather than letting it slowly sink into a black hole.

Thanks for your assisatnce.


I pinged the team again and they are taking a look at it. They asked me to separate random offline issues based on the protocol affected (Zigbee or Z-Wave).

Is there any other user here that has this issue only with Z-Wave devices? Most users have issues with Zigbee and the discussion about that is in this thread: Aeotec Hub will not stay connected to zigbee devices - #47 by nayelyz

@nayelyz , I do not have any Zigbee devices. Most of what seems to be impacting me are Dome Z-Wave sensors. I have occasional issues with Be-Sense and Zooz Z-Wave sensors as well since that latest firmware update, but nothing to the level of the Dome sensors cycling on and off line every few hours.

Strangely zigbee devices old and new seem to be the most affected.
I have a 7 or so zwave and none had an issue.
Still the overall response to the single wost update of SmartThings history has been like watching the hindenburg explosion in slow motion.

Apologize from VP of development please?

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@nayelyz ,
I had to shut off more automation routines as other Z-wave sensors - Zooz and BeSense started cycling connectivity.
As a last resort, I power cycled the Hub this morning. When may I expect updates from Samsung? This is not a good look for Samsung - please let any folks who still care about Customer Support and perception of Samsung know this.
I am formally requesting Samsung to fix this issue and issue an apology.

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Well, thanks Smartthings. Every one of my Aeotec RGBW bulbs now has a SWITCH device driver, and all of my Aeotec Smart Switches now have ENERGY MONITOR drivers. Literally everything has failed and no longer works. The old drivers cannot be re applied and none of the devices if removed and re-added are detected as the device type they should be.

Well done Not So Smartthings!! Not impressed.

Goodbye Smartthings, Hello Home Assistant.

Hi, @Dean_Crowe
I think I heard about this issue, if you are willing, I can mention you’re also involved. But, if you’ll move to another platform I don’t think we will be able to gather the corresponding data.
Sorry you’ve experienced this issue.

I have been sharing all your comments with the team and they mentioned this is under investigation. I don’t have information about when they’ll have a final answer about this.
I understand your frustration, that’s why I’m pending on everyone that can also provide their information to help with the investigation.

@kingsfan, can you enable access to your account again, please? The team needs to gather more information about the behavior of your devices.

@nayelyz , Done! Access granted for 1 week. Thanks.

All Zwave lock codes names reset to “Code x” for every code on July 6, 2023 at all three of my properties. All properties use the same ST hub and the same Schlage lock (BE468). All locks use the default ST zwave driver. Nothing custom. Current hub firmware is 000.048.00005. Lock driver: 2023-06-13T18:57:31.372336323.

Everything works fine. Just a major hassle to rename the slots. Good thing I wrote down my codes.

I am guessing this happened to me and many others due to the updates and whatnot July 5 - July 7.



Hi, @rprince1
I moved you here because if you have the firmware version 48, it means you have a V2 or V3 Hub, not a Wi-Fi Hub which is the one from the other thread.
Also, just for clarification, I’m not involved in the development or release of any update, I’m part of the Developer Support team which is not related.
I’ll share your comments with the team. Thanks.

Is there a thread for “Crappy software pre-release QC and testing practices at SmartThings, and what the company is doing to improve this”? I searched and couldn’t find anything. If so, you can move my post there.

Do tell about an alternative!

Okay i “think” i got the rollback because some of the samsung branded zigbee sensors started working today.

However, this would fly in the face of the statement that if we add back devices they wont roll the rollback/hotfix out to us.

They say these are all unrelated, but I’ve had all sorts of issues including the new matter hub. All on the same day.

Just found today that functionality on some bulbs is gone. IKEA smart bulbs can no longer change color, but some IKEA bulbs just don’t work. Those are all zigbee, but did I rollback or not? If it was a rollback then everything zigbee should be back to normal, instead its random.

So at this point do we just say “(name of smartthings development VP) Sorry we really screwed up, please reinstall” or do we wait another week for some fix?

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