Aeotec nano switch DTH?

I changed mine to your handler and it does now report every 10 seconds. So far so good. Thanks :+1:

I’ve made a few more changes to the handler. I added led control and removed a lot of the unnecessary code. Over time I’ll be adding some more of the parameters I can test on my device.

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Any idea why the on/off function in the app doesn’t work any more? I check the log and there is this line: “Switch is disabled”. I did an exclusion, reset, and readd but the problem is still there.

Look in the settings and there is a setting for disabling the on/off functionality. It should be set to off by default. I set this up since I use mine for a dishwasher and wanted to prevent the dishwasher from getting turned off.

The weird thing is it’s already in the Off position right after Inclusion.