Aeotec Keyfob Battery

I’ve got an Aeotec Keyfob. I know some people don’t like it because the battery comes out, but I have issues with battery life. Does anybody else have issues? It worked fine for 2-3 weeks and then I left town for a week with it in my backpack and it was dead once I got back. The cover was closed so the buttons weren’t getting pushed. This is the second battery that has only lasted about a month.

The battery life on mine lasts maybe a few months at best. I am buying spare CR2450s in bulk. According to the seller (Vesternet) there are settings which can be changed, but I am not sure how you would check these in either the SmartThings app or on the website. The battery cover did come off for me quite a bit when it was new (over six months ago) but strangely doesn’t do so now. It isn’t a great device, but other than the poor battery life it has been very reliable.