Aeon Minimote to Dim/Brighten GE Lights?

I have two GE link bulbs connected to the Better Virtual Dimmer custom device, and controlled with the Dim With Me SmartApp. I’d like to map button 1 of the MM to dim the lights -5%, and map button 2 to brighten the lights +5%.

I know I can assign the buttons to specific brightness levels, but that doesn’t really help.

You might want to try Rule Machine Here

I looked into that but I don’t see any way to increase/decrease the brightness. Again, it’s just set the dimmer to a specified value.

I would advise against this idea, because unfortunately the Minimote discards sequential presses of the same button in order to filter accidental double presses.

You have to wait nearly a full second (?) between presses which makes it a really slow way to adjust brightness.

If you can spare a whole Minimote, then I guess you could use pairs of buttons (ie, pressing 1,1,1 needs pauses, but 1,3,1 might not).

I have my Minimote set up for a normal press to light my Vdimmer to 60% and a long press to set the VDimmer to 10%. I use RM to set the lights as well as a virtual switch to keep the toggle state.

Whoops. Replied after skimming the message again. You can’t really do in a sane way. Get a zigbee remote from Lutron. For your zwave lights, see my original post as follows.

Ignore all of the posts below (errr. Above) and read the minimote manual.

As long as you are trying to control a zwave light/switch/dimmer, you can press two or three buttons on the minimote and directly associate the minimote to the desired devices.

At this point, a press will turn the device on or off and a press+hold will dim the light.

No need to involve the hub, smart apps, etc.

If you need this sort of functionality for zigbee lights, there are comparable remotes that will allow this.

I can’t find a z-wave button on the GE bulbs to include them into the network. I’m also not sure this will work for me because I use one of the remote buttons to trigger a scene. Looks like based on what @tgauchat says, I can’t do what I want.

You need this.

Lutron LZL-4B-WH-L01 Connected Bulb Remote