Set Dimmer Levels of Aeon Microdimmers

I have two Aeon Micro Dimmers in my living room controlling a total of 6 recessed lights. Sometimes, when watching tv, we’d like to lower the lights to 10%. Other times we’d like to raise the level to 100%. I’d like to control both dimmers at the same time. I tried creating a simulated minimote, and then used the smart lighting app to turn on and set level of both dimmer switches to 10% using button1, and then 100% using button 2, but that didn’t work.

Im looking for a solution to set the levels of both dimmer switches as simple as possible. Any thoughts, guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you

Obviously you need some device to control them. A Minimote (real) would work, so would Amazon Echo, or any z-wave switch, any motion sensor, etc. The one thing that isn’t a good plan is your phone. I’d just get a Minimote you keep on your coffee table. It’s got 4 buttons, so you can have different settings for each (two each actually), like Bright, Dim, Off.

With a Minimote you could use any of Button Controller, Smart Lighting or Rule Machine to provide the glue from the Minimote button press to the desired action.