Aeon Minimote to call Sonos Action

I would think you could use the minimote to turn on a virtual momentary switch, and then have a smartapp be triggered by that switch coming on. Does that not work?

Here is the code for my weather hack…

Is anyone still using this app?

I found it after trying out my new mini mote and realizing that the button controller App (won’t let you do anything but turn the sonos on) and the ST sonos control app (won’t let you pick which button) don’t work well.

However I’m seeing this app isn’t working right either. Toggle play/pause isn’t working (will only play) and I’m also not seeing any favorites available.

Edit - ok toggle started working, not sure why. Favorites isn’t working.

I added mode restriction to this app and I’m finding that minimote is incredibly useful and versatile.

input "modes", "mode", title: "Only when mode is", multiple: true, required: false

This is really expanding my uses for minimote. Thanks so much for the app!

@greg I just found this app too and its wonderful. What I found with this and the baked in button contrloer app is that the play/pause toggle problem has to do with the sonos “state” not being reported quick enough. I use another instance of this app and for every button that I have a sonos command connected to I also have the update state command sent. This cuts down on the lag significantly.



Your app looks fantastic but does not work for me, when trying to select action for each button nothing shows except for:

“No Available Options”

Please advise…

Let your sonos play for awhile - it magically appears after doing so

Thank you will try that @greg !

Still nothing showing when trying to select:

"When button 1 is pushed"

“No devices to connect”

I just reinstalled all my Sonos to ST and cleared everything first…
What else should i do?

Thank you all!

Thanks for letting me know. I’m getting your error now too. They must have changed something in the mobile app or api. I try to take a look in the next couple days.

Thank you very much, waiting for your answer!

yes I was using this app and it worked great. seein the same issue. If you do fix let me know as it was very helpful

Just wanted to chime in that I’m still using this app and I’m not having any issues with it.

I posted a new item about this - I have a modded version of your app and it quit working. It looks like the system support for Sonos has changed…

Lack of experience with Groovy makes it a bit of a struggle, and it’s kind of frustrating knowing that even if I struggle with it for a few days and get things working, SmartThings is going to break it again in six months. At that time of course I will have forgotten everything and be starting from square zero again…

Magically mine has started working again and I didn’t make any code changes. I assume something was down on the platform. Can someone else confirm, it’s working again?

I’m having an issue with the Sonos Remote Control app and can’t get it to work. When I get to the second page and pick a button action ‘When button 2 is pushed’… all I get is an empty list that says ‘No devices to connect’. Any ideas?

Hi - just became a ST user and wanted to use the Minimote to control my Sonos system - is this app still working for anyone?

I’m getting the “No available options” message when trying to configure buttons (after letting my Sonos play for a while…)


For anyone looking to use this functionality still, you can try out my modded Sonos Remote Control SmartApp. I based it off of the previously broken smartApp, fixing the broken code and modifying it to easily setup a Lutron Pico to control the speakers. Check out njschwartz’s Lutron Caseta Connect App if you are interested in using Pico or integrating with Lutron Caseta in general.

NOTE: the lutron caseta smart app is NOT needed to use this smartapp with non-Lutron button controllers.

See link to the LuPi Edition below.

Big Thanks to @louisparks for letting me use his code as my basis for this.

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